Monday, December 2, 2013

Not our problem

In a week where the UK government struggles to actually get rid of a failed asylum seeker, comes another tale of someone we don't want trying to get back in our country.
Despite the fact that the guy is a known extremist and an explosives expert, naturally the usual suspects are up in arms over the UK governments attempts to keep someone out of this country.
Mail. (usual caveats)
An Iraqi terror suspect has become the first person to have his British passport revoked twice by the Home Secretary.
Hilal Al-Jedda, alleged to be an explosives expert, previously won a Supreme Court battle to have his citizenship restored, on the grounds that he had been rendered 'stateless'.
But Theresa May has now ordered him to have his passport taken away again, claiming his terror links make him dangerous to the British public.
The move will be welcomed by campaigners who have argued that Al-Jedda should be banned from returning to Britain.
However, human rights activists have spoken out against the decision, saying that it is unfair to strip someone of citizenship if they do not have a passport from another country.
It goes without saying that the guy is a muslim, whilst not all muslims are terrorists, a lot of terrorists are muslims and most atrocities committed in the world today are done by extreme islamic groups.
Naturally enough most sane people do not want terror suspects running around loose in the UK, particularly those who are known to be explosive experts, though what manner of expertise he has is not stated, still we'd be right to be cautious.
However the insanity of the human rights activists knows no bounds and I'm pretty sure they will attempt to use a lot of taxpayers money via legal aid to attempt to have the guys passport and right to terrorise return allowed by the courts.
Thing is that the fact that he may become stateless isn't really our problem, there are places like Somalia where he can go and live in an islamic paradise and not bother the civilised world. But no, the guy wants to come back to the UK because he'll get benefits, a house and time to plot in comfort here.
It remains to be seen if Theresa May will be successful,  her track record against the scum loving UK judiciary hasn't been a great one so far.
Still, I suppose it will keep him out whilst the wheels of justice turn (hopefully very slowly)

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Anonymous said...

" . . . . it is unfair to strip someone of citizenship . . . . "

And it is equally unfair (in fact illegal) to strip a person of their very existence. But no one outside that the Human Rights lot ever stops to think about this. Still, its all money for them, isn't it ?