Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nice money if you can get it

So, MP's aka thieving parasites are to get an 11% wage rise via an independent agency and oddly enough, some believe they are due more. The leaders of the three main parties have naturally stepped in to say they oppose such a huge rise but their hands are tied. a rather simple get out for them as no doubt they'll pocket the cash anyway.
MPs are set to receive an 11% pay rise when a parliamentary watchdog publishes its final recommendations on salaries this week.
The rise is due after the 2015 general election and will take pay to £74,000.
But the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority is also expected to announce a squeeze on pensions and the resettlement grants that MPs are given when they leave Parliament.
All three party leaders disagreed with the rise when it was first proposed.
However Ipsa does not need to get the agreement of Parliament to bring in the changes.
OK, first off, no one expects them to do what they do for nothing, though as a group they do tend to take the piss an awful lot with their expenses scams, gold plated pensions and general ignorance as to what the public wants as opposed to what party dogma wants. And it is rather a truism that we tend to get exactly what we vote for, 'we' being those who vote for the big three whenever there is an election rather than those like myself who have not voted mainstream for at least two decades and naturally have yet to see anyone we voted for elected to parliament save only in the EU elections.
However in a year in which people in work are struggling to make ends meet and many of whom have not had a rise at all in several years never mind one in line with inflation IPSA do appear to be out of line with the public's idea of proportional... to put it mildly. Sure they are increasing the amount that MP's have to pay for their pensions and some of the expenses scams, but in reality all that people will see are a bunch of corrupt thieving ne'er-do-wells once more dipping into the public purse to feed their already well subsidised lifestyles.
Still at least every time they do this it brings their inevitable end at the hands of an angry mob ever closer...

2 annotations:

SteveA said...

I'd double the salary, remove the expenses and most importantly cut the number of thieving bastards to 200

DerekP said...

We are paying them for doing nothing other than betraying us, as they do not govern this country for its people but instead simply implement edicts from the EU.