Monday, December 23, 2013

It's that global warming thingy innit?

Last May I was in Cairo visiting the Pyramids and the museum, it was fascinating stuff and compared to the UK bloody warm. So just the other day this picture caught the eye of Lady QM...

Yes, that't Cairo and yes it's snowing
Oh I'm sure a lot of people of the enviroloon movement can be trotted out to tell us that weather isn't climate... except when we hit a warm spell then apparently it is... go figure.

Not snowing
It hasn't snowed in Cairo for 112 years and now they're enjoying the odd snowball fight one assumes.
Perhaps we ought to get our power stations out of mothballs and start belching some carbon into the atmosphere... just in case there's an ice age and we can stop it...

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Dan Pangburn said...

With a rational basis for observed climate change, it might be easier to not-believe in global warming.
Natural climate change has been hiding in plain sight. Simple equation calculates temperatures since before 1900 with 90% accuracy (95% correlation) and reasonable estimates since 1610. CO2 change had no significant influence. The average global temperature trend is down.