Friday, December 6, 2013

An apt choice...

An article in the Mail caught my eye, it's the usual mix of sensationalism and wind-uppery that the Mail's readership are drawn too. Essentially it's about a psychopathic rapist who served a prison sentence and then after release immediately took up his chosen 'hobby' with another unfortunate 18 year old.
A psychopath who repeatedly raped a teenage girl just four months after being released from prison for an identical attack was jailed for life today.
David Brierley, 34, repeatedly assaulted the 18-year-old victim during a 45-minute attack in Swindon town centre in February this year.
A court heard how the victim thought she was going to die and begged Brierley to stop his violent attack but he ignored her pleas and carried on the attack.
Brierley, who is 5ft 10 and weighs 19 stone had been jailed for eight years at Warwick Crown Court in 2001 for repeatedly raping and assaulting an 18-year-old girl in a Stratford upon Avon churchyard the previous year.
But had only finally been freed from prison in October 2012 after being recalled for breaching the license of that release.
Well I'm glad he's been put away for life, though in my view life should have ended about five minutes after being found guilty beyond all doubt (not reasonable doubt) with a bullet to the brain and all his worldly goods forfeited to his victim. I could have gone on about the absurdly short sentence for the crime, or the fact that there were warning signs that he was unrepentant in his attitude owing to a breach of his license.
However it does appear that Brierley has made an apt choice for his disgusting crimes.
Brierley, who has now converted to Islam, had also unsuccessfully tried to change his guilty pleas after realising that he could be jailed for life and did not want to be portrayed as a 'horrible beast'.
Yes that's right, Brierley has taken the religion notorious for rape, paedophilia, child grooming, murder, extortion, theft, genocide and eternal victimhood as his religion, an apt choice if ever there were one. You can take a look at its founders crimes to see that Brierley would have fitted in perfectly with the false prophet of Islam.
That's not to tarnish all muslims with the same brush, many are good folk despite their religion, many not even knowing the crimes of its founder, though many were shocked at the Lee Rigby barbarism and the fact that its perpetrators were acting in the way and words of their prophet.
It's only a pity that the child molesters who have been found guilty of grooming our young women weren't given similar sentences.
Brierley again makes it plain that there's no place for islam in a civilised society.

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