Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nice one

Or perhaps that should read eco-terrorists freed on bail.
On a day when HRH Juglugs announced that there could be more natural disasters because of global warming when referencing the recent cyclone in the Philippines and most of us looked askance at the word natural as in happening naturally, rather than unnaturally, after all, if it's natural then there's no stopping it. The Russians showed the world how to deal with the eco-terrorists of Greenpeace.
Three of the British activists arrested by Russian authorities during a Greenpeace protest against drilling in the Arctic have been granted bail.
Activists Alex Harris, 27, from Devon, and Anthony Perrett, 32, from Newport and London journalist Kieron Bryan, 29, are the first of the six Britons in the so-called Arctic 30 to be given bail, following similar decisions affecting 12 others.
Mr Bryan's family said in a statement: 'It's amazing news to know that Kieron will be released from prison soon. We have been thinking of him every minute of every day and we can't wait to speak to him and see him.
'Our relief is obviously tempered by the fact that he is still facing absurd charges, despite the fact that he was just doing his job.
Odd that people believe that piracy is a 'job' these days. The good news is that it's Greenpeace who are being taken for upwards of  £2 million in bail charges, most of which they won't get back if their eco-terrorists pirates skip bail, which is a smart move by the Russians as it gets them foreign cash and means they don't have to feed and house the ecoloons if they do skip bail as they are allowed to leave the country. In essence Russia is fining Greenpeace and making sure the loons don't return... not if they don't want the same thing happening.
I guess that ticks Russia off the list of countries to pester to keep Greenpeace in the news, no doubt they'll go back to trespass against oil drilling in their anti-fracking protests.
Well done Russia.

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wiggia said...

There is just one possible downside to this, as Greenpeace is partly funded by the government (the taxpayer) if anyone skips bail it could end up that the taxpayer ends up indirectly paying that bail.
Maybe someone with better knowledge of the workings could enlighten on this ?

English Pensioner said...

Exactly my view, see My blog