Thursday, November 7, 2013

Justice today

Let's face it, British justice is a joke, it's arbitrary, two tiered and has the oddest set of values where theft is regarded far less tolerable than violence. Nor has the Human Rights Act helped where the legal profession has brought itself into disrepute several times owing to cases brought and judgements made.
Still, this is a new low.
In 2011, Lucy Walsh was abducted by three men after a night out
They raped her repeatedly, laughing when she cried out
Two were convicted and sentenced; police are looking for the third attacker
But the two successfully appealed and were given less prison time
And one of them was granted British citizenship while in jail
Fearful for her safety with an attacker still at large, Lucy has fled to Canada
Lucy Walsh woke up in a dimly lit, grubby room she didn't recognise. She quickly realised, to her horror, that she was naked, and that she was not alone.
A man was on top of her, pinning her to the floor, while another raped her. There were others there, too, talking in a foreign language, and laughing when she screamed in terror and pain. The 24-year-old was subjected to a horrific two-hour attack, as the men took it in turns to rape her.
But the repercussions for Lucy went far beyond the physical injuries she sustained that night. It would destroy her faith in her country and its legal system, which she'd always trusted to protect her, but which seemed to her to favour the rights of her attackers above hers.
Her ordeal was described by a judge as 'among the worst to have come before this court in recent years' - yet in a sick irony, one of her attackers was granted British citizenship as he awaited trial.
A case of rape jihad, where muslim males believe that any woman not a muslim is fair game (and some muslim women too who dress western style) However that is by the bye, I would be disgusted and outraged had the men been white Anglo-Saxons, though I have a sneaking suspicion that they at least would have been given a much tougher sentence and certainly would not have had their sentence reduced to a mere 12 years on appeal.
A true justice system would have had these men (though clearly they are not real men) castrated or hung for doing this, but as we only have custodial sentencing, then life would probably have been far too short, by life meaning remaining under lock and key until they die.
This woman has had her life ruined, she's fled the country and our legal system has decided to rub salt into her wounds.
Words cannot express just how disgusted in our legal system I am today...

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Oldrightie said...

Well said. A fair number of the legal profession could do with sorting, too.

john in cheshire said...

It's a pity that there isnt some organisation that one could subscribe to that would mete out the appropriate punishment to people such as those described in your post.