Sunday, October 13, 2013

The racist EDL?

It's been a week of controversy for the EDL something I've kept out of as like many I had no clues as to what's going on, merely hearsay. As it is, many of the higher leadership resigned and came out with a series of disjointed statements as to why, some of which were to to with being pushed, nazi's and racists, something which was a mystery to the vast rank and file of the EDL 'membership' who simply didn't have a clue as to what was being said or indeed why.
Tommy Robinson, who dramatically quit the English Defence League this week, has vowed to help police tackle racism within the organsation and has apologised for causing fear among British Muslims.
Mr Robinson, 30, said he would work with police to help them investigate racism in the organisation - known for its thuggish street protests and extremist followers.
Mr Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, also said he was sorry for creating a 'us and them' culture and for causing fear among British Muslims.
Racism huh?

As you can see from the video, the EDL do not have a colour bar... it's just never mentioned or seen in the media.
As for the thuggish street protests, well anyone who is educated enough to study or watch the EDL will know exactly where the thuggish behaviour comes from, and it isn't the EDL. The arrest records of leftards and muslim extremists at EDL demo's dwarfs that of EDL members and the size of the EDL demonstrators usually outnumbers those of their opponents.
As for the 'us and them' culture, well that's actually more of a muslim thing as they define anyone as either muslim or not in their so called holy book. We wanted them to integrate, they said fine so long as you convert...
As for fear, well it wasn't the EDL setting off bombs in London, burning poppies, spitting at returning troops, butchering soldiers in the street, demanding the death of anyone who left islam or insulted their paedo prophet.
As for helping the Quilliam organisation... well you'd struggle to find a more hated bunch in the islamic community, possibly the Ahmadi sect, but they're pretty likeable muslims who have renounced the violent parts of the quran and aren't regarded by the rest of the barbarians as muslim at all... something of a badge of honour from my strictly jaundiced point of view.
I suspect and this is my own personal view, that a few years down the line some government papers will be released showing the real reasons the leadership left and it won't make for pretty reading...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, very good post, can you elaborate on your suspicions why TR quit the EDL? Do you think he was coerced by the government or some other entity? Best Regards F.

Rickie said...

Nope not racist!!, pakistanis , muslims , Iraqis, Afghans are not races, its an easy squirm for the racists within the EDL to squirm out of.

My view is that the ex-leaders of the EDL appeared as fuckwit thuggish bullies who mimicked what a sterotypical racist would look and sound like, they just look like football thugs who have got bored with kicking shit out of away fans cos the fighting has just about gone from football and turned to muslim phobia rucks instead.

EDL attracts racists because there was either the BNP or EDL to join or UKIP for the more intelligent politically correct racists, they have to go somewhere , join a group, get heard, change things don't they?

If racsists are not joining the BNP/UKIP where will they go?, the EDL has just about gone bust and will be forgotten, those leaders whatever name they are going to choose for themselves now have had some fun but realised they could well be next for a beheading and bottled it.

Kath lissenden said...

A very nice piece QM like you I have tried to keep out of it, I read the EDL message boards after Tommys resignation and the majority of them were bemused in the extreme. I read this article and it made great sense to me.
Personally I believe Tommy was facing a real battle with the next court case and this has been used as leverage. after all his bank accounts had already been seized and he and his family were being forced to exist on £250 a week. There is no doubt the Government and the establishment saw him as a huge threat and were determined to bring him to his knees. The constant arrests and the 5.30am visits from the police, the arrest of his wife in front of their children, all this for 4 years , many a lesser man would have crumbled a long time ago.

Quiet_Man said...

@ Rickie, there are no more racists in the EDL than say the Labour Party, the Socialist Workers Party or any other leftard organisation. Doubt me? Then mention Israel or Zionism in one of their meetings and see what happens the old blood libel and anti-semitism will be on show for all to see. The EDL support the right of anyone of any colour to live their life without forcing their views on anyone. Islam cannot do this without being... islam. Take the blinkers off and you might be surprised at just who the real enemies of civilisation are, it's not the EDL

Radical Rodent said...

Rickie. Oh, Rickie, Rickie Rickie… Your extreme prejudice is so embarrassingly on display. The fact that you insist on calling so many “racist” so just how racist you are. Have a look at this video to get another point of view:

Rickie said...

I am an honest racist Radical rodent, ah yes you see it can be done, actually being truthfull, there is no need to fear the word Racist, i have no time for Roma gypsies who i belive will come to this country and steal, harrass and line their own pockets and ruin the culture in the UK, stealing will be their only motive for being here.

I do not fear muslims at the moment or believe the hysteria that they are here to take us over,or covert me, nor do i belive the jewish shite that Quiet man mentioned, no-one mentions jews its so last century its bonkers.

I know and so does everyone else that EDL/BNP is the home for racists, i know nasty racist buggers who have been on demonstrations with them, i voted BNP last election because i want immigration dealt with, i have no problem with Blacks, muslims or anyone except Roma gypsies so i must be a least a bit racsist.

What about you Radical Rodnet?, can you be truthfull and not squirm with wordplay about what is a race and all that.

Honesty about racsim is always missing, quite man says "Racism huh" when talking about the EDL, or squirms on wordplay, we all know racists, why do they all disappear in blogland but are fucking everywhere in the real world.

Being a racist can be like that political compass thing on the blog, i am a bit racist.

Promoting hysteria about Islam/Muslims as Quiet man does is racism is my book and everyone elses too because honest folk dont squirm with Dictionary quotations but tell it how it is.

Quiet_Man said...

And what race is islam or muslim Rickie?

Honestly you do yourself no favours and parading your ignorance around like a banner here. You already had your balls handed to you by other posters here who can see good and bad in any race or religion and have chided on your brushing all with broad strokes. As for voting BNP, well that simply tells me far more about you than you will ever know about me.

Anonymous said...


Racism is the discrimination of an individual based on the colour of their skin, not their religion. How many more times have you got to be told. Are you really that ignorant.

I do not know much about the EDL or its members, but the picture shown in the article seems pretty clear.

Lets take Diane Abbot. A Black Female, and Left Wing Politician. Remember this ?

Funny how you pick on organisations that are predominantly, but not exclusively, WHITE in their membership and, because of it, you naturally assume it is somehow racist. How ignorant, how bigoted and yes, how RACIST you are !!

Kath lissenden said...

I am a middle England Housewife and mother , my eldest son is in the army, I was raised in a very non racist environment, I went to school with and had friends of every race creed colour and religion, however since moving north and living in a predominantly muslim area and the murder of Lee rigby (like my son a serving soldier) I have become more and more alarmed by what I have seen and found out about the muslim invasion, and whatever Ricky says it is a bloody invasion. The extremist Islamisation of the UK is growing they have no intention of integration, with exclusive schools etc. Not to mention the fact that in 99% of countries where Islam predominates the majority of women do not wear Ninja costumes, so why do they do it here? Why are 99% of the grooming gangs muslim and the victims white girls. I do agree about the roma also but the muslims pose a far greater threat to the british way of life.

Anonymous said...

For whatever reason Tommy resigned (I'm sure we will hear the true events in time), I would truly like to thank him for his courage and wish him all the very best for the future.

Rickie said...

"Racism is the discrimination of an individual based on the colour of their skin"

Fucking shite, its based on their race you ignorant buffoon.

Quiet man , you promote hatred of of muslims and Islam and their culture to raise hysteria and show support for a racist organisation EDL and in true blogland style try and squirm out of the tag of "racist"...YOU FAIL.

Your blog tells me far more than you know about me, your hatred and anger is there for all to see.

I voted BNP as a protest vote at the silence on immigration in the last election and i would again although immgration is not now the untouchable subject probably cos BNP took a sizeable number of votes so they just can't ignore it. i will wait to see what Labour say on immigration before i cast my vote.

Honesty about racism is and always will be missing from blogging, promoting hatred and hysteria of another culture is seen for what it is Racist.

You fool nobody Quiet man, at least i have been honest on my own racism.

DerekP said...

Rickie - [racism is] "based on their race you ignorant buffoon"

Rickie again - "promoting hatred and hysteria of another culture is seen for what it is Racist".

Ignoring the name-calling abuse, this is incoherent, as race is not the same as culture.

Incoherent again is Rickie's - "Quiet man , you promote hatred of of muslims and Islam and their culture..."
in response to QM's post containing - "...the Ahmadi sect, but they're pretty likeable muslims who have renounced the violent parts of the quran...".

Clearly QM is not having a go at all Muslims, as he says some are likeable, but he is having a go at behaviour, specifically violent criminal behaviour condoned by Islam and the Far Left.

And having a go at criminal behaviour cannot be racist.

Clearly Rickie is of the Far Left, and as such driven by an ideology which cannot face reality, and therefore tries to ignore anything which does not agree with that ideology, and will shout down anyone who points out contrary facts.

The Left claim to be the party of 'social justice', yet the people they favour commit violent crimes. Therefore to appear 'socially just' those crimes cannot exist and must not be reported in the MSM.

Hence why Labour and Miliband are so keen to be able to censor the press... and then, apparently, everything will be wonderful! Well, at least in the MSM.

So I'm going to blank Rickie, as I blank New Labour, because neither say anything that is meaningful, and neither will listen.

James Higham said...

It is a strange lot of goings on - purge?