Saturday, October 19, 2013

Step 1) leave the EU?

Silly puff piece in the telegraph that completely ignores the elephant in the room... namely the EU.
Osborne: Britain must up its game to compete in global economy Britain has lost its sense of ambition and optimism and has allowed “the bits that were great” to wither, George Osborne has said as he called on the country to “up our game”
The Chancellor said Britain had become “defeatist” and had to improve in the face of the economic challenge posed by the “staggering” rise of China.
He criticised Ed Miliband for dismissing China as a “sweatshop” economy, and said that Britain had to change its attitudes to the communist state. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph as he prepared to leave China after a five-day tour, Mr Osborne also disclosed that he is poised to break up the Royal Bank of Scotland in order to separate an estimated £50-60 billion in “bad” assets from the bank in order to help it return to the private sector.
The biggest problem the UK has in competing within a global market is the trade cartel that is the EU. The UK has to make products that comply to a whole raft of EU regulations and not tailored to the market we sell too. Trade is of course a two way street and the EU puts price tarrifs on various goods sold to us from abroad to protect its own internal market. The Common Agricultural Policy being a festering boil on the EU which prevents cheaper food from abroad being imported and keeps African farmers poor as they cannot get foreign currency as they can't sell to Europe.
So the first step to upping our game must be to leave the EU? Surely?
Not that the Telegraph mentions this anywhere, not that Osborne mentions it. Yet the answer to upping our game is to remove the deadening hand of the EU on our trade and industry.
It would also solve the immigration problem with the Roma and others that people have a problem with too.

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Rickie said...

I'm undecided on leaving the EU, no-one else has done it with more and more wanting to join the club.

I would like the Roma halted and if we could opt out today from the EU to solve that problem then i would vote to opt out. Next year when the gangs of gypsies are in every town centre fucking life up for us it will be too late.

2017 and a referendum could change my vote, I keep reading on blogs about how shit our politicians are but at the same time how wonderful the UK will be when the politicians are 100% in charge of everything.

I'm confused.

James Higham said...

The numbers grow daily.