Sunday, October 27, 2013

Never seen a tax hike they didn't like.

The Lib Dem leftard wannabees have just announced that they favour tax rises to line their pockets pay for green idiocy that seems to resonate with a certain leftist mentality in our country, after all, greens are not nicknamed watermelons for nothing.
The Chief Secretary to the Treasury confirmed that the government is considering making the warm homes discount, which gives millions of poor households energy discounts, part of the general taxation system.
The move would leave a £1 billion tax black-hole which will need to be funded by raising taxes.
However, he said that the Liberal Democrats will block any attempts to lift green taxes relating to subsidies for renewable energy subsidies.
Green taxes currently add £112 to a typical household bill. However, the Conservatives have warned that the bill could rise to £194 by 2020.
Mr Alexander said: "What we're doing at the moment is looking at every aspect of what contributes to people's energy bills to make sure people aren't paying a penny more than they need to. Our commitment to green energy is vitally important and its not something that we as Liberal Democrats will compromise on.
Green energy being monstrously expensive, highly subsidised and doesn't work when the wind stops blowing or blows too hard and in the case of solar energy doesn't work at night. Not to mention having to shell out for a complete backup system of traditional generators to supply said energy when it's actually needed and the green lunacy doesn't.  Essentially the Lib Dems have a tax cheat (home flipping during the expenses scandal) telling us that we will have to pay more for something that doesn't work too well on a matter of principle despite that principle being utter tosh.
Now whilst I do not doubt that some Tories are just as in love with tax hikes as Labour and the Lib Dems, generally other than their ministers milking the public with their directorships of bird mincing companies the average Tory MP is coming to the conclusion that the vast majority of the general public know that its a scam and that the game is more or less up.
I'm quite looking forward to the Lib Dems getting a massive political kicking in the next general election and I believe articles like this can only help them achieve it.
I just hope not to be disappointed.

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Dioclese said...

Totally agree with you. The Lib Dems need to be consigned to the dustbin of history. They're completely out of touch with reality - hardly surprising when you consider that a party with no chance of power can promise anything.

Unfortunately they then found themselves in government.

And where's the invisible man got to? I refer of course to Vince Cable. Never saw Mandelson hiding away when he had that job did we?

Kath lissenden said...

Do you think it's called a green tax because every time they mention "Green Tax" people go green and turn into the incredible hulk? I know I do. Piff Piffle and what a load of ollock GREEN = expensive and useless.
Take all the greenies to a desert dig holes pop them in smear them with honey and wait for the desert flesh eating ants to appear... est voila no more green tax.

Anonymous said...

I too will be disappointed if the LibDems aren't wiped from the face of the political map.

It will serve as a warning to 'others' on the perils of not listening to those that pay your wages.