Saturday, September 21, 2013

That is why I'm English. Anyone can be British.

The previous governments attempts to smear 'the rights' nose in diversity by gerrymandering the political system with immigrants who were/are likely to vote Labour continues to gather pace. The current government seems unable to deal with the issues involved and are hamstrung by the Lib Dems having influence on the levers of power to some extent. So it came as no surprise to learn that over 2 million passports have been handed over early to give immigrants the rights of a UK citizen.
More than two million immigrants have been granted British citizenship since 2000, it can be revealed. In the past year alone, a record 204,541 requests for a UK passport were rubber-stamped by the Home Office, official figures show. This is the equivalent of one migrant being given citizenship every two-and-a-half minutes – the fastest rate in history.
It means the total number given out since the turn of the century now stands at 2,053,396.
Campaigners say the face of British society has been changed for ever in just 13 years.
The main beneficiaries are from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, China and the Philippines.
Once approved, new citizens are treated in the same way as anybody else with a British passport, including no restrictions on access to housing, benefits or the jobs market.
Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch, said the figures were ‘the inevitable consequence’ of Labour’s deliberate policy of mass immigration.
The two million new citizens are entitled to vote in general elections, and critics, including Migrationwatch, have long insisted Labour adopted a deliberate policy of mass immigration for political reasons.
They cite remarks by former Labour speech writer Andrew Neather, who boasted the aim of its immigration strategy was to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity’.
This is the same Labour who were trying to convince us that they are suitable to be the next UK's government and that they can be trusted on various policies such as the economy and immigration, when the evidence over the years suggests that trusting Labour is not something any sane person should do.
What has happened instead of the much hyped diversity and multicultural rainbow society that the leftist libtards expected has been a fracturing of society along racial, religious and ethnic lines with the colour of your skin or type of religion gaining you far greater privileges than the indigenous population with the 'cultural' excuse being the favourite for more extreme behaviour.
Labour are of course hoping that we'll forgive and forget their failings in this matter and perhaps some of their more sheeplike supporters in areas where 'diversity' hasn't wrecked the community will. Those who live in or near the ghetto's of immigrants who will not integrate, who won't learn the language and who see the immigrants getting preferential treatment by the state and its appendages however never will. In their rush to gain new friends, Labour trampled over the wishes of their own supporters/voters and finally having realised the loss of support in some areas now wish we'd all just forget and put the blame elsewhere.
What they did however was unforgivable and I for one will never forgive and never forget.

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Anonymous said...

Multiculturalism is the imposition of minority culture over the wishes and rights of the majority. Multiculturalism is designed to segregate people not integrate them, thereby setting up the "new class" struggle that the left wing socialists crave for.
Multiculturalism is a political tool used to disenfranchise the indigenous population overtime, and substitute British views and values for Marxist diatribe.
Multiculturalism is designed to dilute the indigenous culture progressively, and it is a clear form of political ethnic cleansing to make way for left-wing ideology, since most Brits are conservative with a small c.
Multiculturalism is the best way of defeating our culture. The two words the multiculturalists have used to keep us mentally shackled are: Tolerance and Racist. Tolerance opens the door to mass immigration and Racist shuts the door to dissent.
"What they did however was unforgivable and I for one will never forgive and never forget" - Hear, hear - neither will I.

Dioclese said...

Well said. And just wait until the Romanians and Bulgarians get here. God help us because the politicians - except maybe UKIP? - certainly won't

Anonymous said...

The Romanians and the Bulgarians are already here. What you need to worry about is the ALL the others. And it is these others that are not part of the EU/EEA that our government can shut the door to but won't.

Near to were I live is a centre which carries out the Citizen Tests for immigrants. Its like a conveyer belt, watching them go in and out.

So this article comes as little surprise.

Trying to blame the Lib Dims though is probably a bit unfair. Both Labour and the Conservatives have dabbled in immigration but for different reasons.

A plague on ALL their houses.

Anonymous said...

The country has been taken from the people. Our society is focused towards keeping the global elites in power and making them richer. They are controlling the population covertly by grouping us all together in unions such as Europe so we wave good bye to our independence.

We all work for the 0.5% whether it's directly or not it's all linked. Your average man and woman who has been here for 1,000's of years doesn't get a say. They are in fear of losing what little joys they have left. They are told to be politically correct and to get along when immigrants don't have to integrate at all. They will make you feel guilty about the past when you wasn't born and you are expected to deal with that burden till the day you die.

UKIP would give us some rest bite from the wave of EU immigration. As the Bulgarians and Romanians are lining up to hit us hard next year. However you would still have the rest of the world joining via criminal, student, and family avenues to name a few.

This little Island of ours can not cope with a 70+ million population. I'm sick of seeing new blocks of flats being resurrected in picturesque places to meet the demand. Beautiful countryside being ripped up at a alarming rate. Always being told it will create jobs and boost the economy. A foreign company will take hold of the project and employ foreigners who send money back. It seems that everyone has a price, the law means nothing and can be changed if you are rich enough and want to buy our businesses, land, welfare etc. Votes can easily be manipulated, every wave of immigration will continue to vote labour/ conservatives because they are the people who took them out of poverty and gave them a platform to own a house, drive a car and raised children relatively safer environment.

The problem also is that many of the voters are content and grew up living in a boom. They have a house and nice lifestyle which was easy to create back in the swinging 60s/70s so they see less of a problem till their neighbourhood is taken over. By the time they die and the current generation have a bigger influence on politics the country is likely to be a majority foreign, over those with indigenous bloodline. Therefore the people running the show know this and are happy to watch it tick along nicely.

We need something more radical than UKIP. It's likely they will turn heads once they get paid by the corporations to allow their dirty work. UKIP will never get in, and it will continue to decline at a rapid pace. We need to change the entire system and be allowed to vote on major issues. For example do you the British taxpayer want 250,000 Eastern Europeans to move to your capital city in the next 3 years? please tick yes or no. It would start if we actually had a English parliament! Anyways my rant is over we are all doomed!