Saturday, September 28, 2013

It's almost as if he wants to lose...

David Cameron will probably be known as the man who lost an election some would have thought impossible to lose. He somehow managed to only get into power by forming a coalition with the idiot Lib Dems a party renowned for making up policy on the hoof in their door to door campaigns. Still despite being up against one of the most unpopular and uncharismatic Prime Ministers in living memory, Cameron through his imbecility in denying the voters a say on the EU managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
David Cameron has held talks with Nick Clegg about forming a second coalition after 2015, amid growing concern in Downing Street that the Conservatives will not win the next election.
The pair are said to have discussed the prospect of a second union “from time to time” over the past year, with the Prime Minister confident that his deputy will not form a government with Labour.
One of the reasons the Conservatives lost is that they were almost certainly not Conservative enough, the public simply didn't want another Labour government, they did not warm to Cameron in his role as Blair mk2. Rather than putting clear blue water between him and the leftards, he tried to be all things to all men and became nothing to anyone.
And now it seems as if he's hell bent on losing the next election by tying himself to the even more leftist Lib Dems who are so unpopular these days that Ukip are currently leading them in the polls because of Ukips appeal to Conservative and Labour voters, something that the media is in somewhat of a frenzy to deny... well the Labour bit anyway.
Other than for a politician to actually be loath to give up actual power, you'd think that Cameron was deliberately allying himself to the Lib Dems to lose the next election to avoid a referenda on the EU.
Bears thinking about.

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Anonymous said...

So, if you vote Conservative, you will get Lib Dem.

Hmmm ?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Ken Clarke was talking about Millibsnd saying "when he's PM", it was on radio 4. They must take it in turns to be the front man in our one party system.

Dioclese said...

I've had a low opinion f Cameron for some time - see