Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Getting it, but unable to do anything about it

A judge got it about the benefits system and those who defraud it today. Unfortunately for the judge he can't do a damned thing about it...
BRITAIN’S scrounger culture came under fire yesterday after a judge heard how a benefit cheat will repay almost £100,000 – using taxpayers’ money.
Judge Beverley Lunt was astonished to learn that mother-of-seven Cleo Embley can carry on claiming £237 a week even though she fiddled the welfare system for four years.
When Embley’s barrister said she “knows she is going to have to pay the money back”, Judge Lunt replied: “But she isn’t. The taxpayer is going to have to pay it back.
She has defrauded all this money but is entitled, from the state, for more money. So the state will receive the money – from the money the state is giving her.
Embley, 37, from Rishton, near Blackburn, illegally received more than £94,000 by claiming that her handyman boyfriend Paul Harwood did not live with her.
This is something those of us on the so called right of the political compass have been railing about for years, the fact that the unemployed (and oft times the unemployable) if indulging in criminal behaviour are rarely penalised in a manner which affects them. The state simply coughs up the cash and a small decrease in their benefits often results.
Even prison isn't really a viable option in that it costs more to lock up someone than for the taxpayer to pay the fine.
There was a time when crime and punishment went hand in hand with the institution of what was known as hard labour, unfortunately the reformers (mostly libtards and leftards) got the thing abolished and a nice comfy regime installed which meant that prison was no longer something to be feared. Lately there have been calls to release even more criminals as prisons are too crowded, sadly building more prisons seems not to have occurred to anyone in power.
So we have fines which are not fines and prison which other than keeping people locked away isn't really prison at all, simply a bit boring at times.
Perhaps it's time we got rid of the reforms and put a bit more bite into justice, make appearing in court something to really fear for the guilty.
Then again, i doubt anything will be done, too many people willing to bleat and cry about human rights... whilst the rest of us believe that criminals should only get very basic rights...

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