Saturday, August 31, 2013

Time to drop the subsidies.

Subsidies are a form of bucking the market, as with any measures to buck the market they inevitably fail, though that doesn't stop governments from wasting taxpayers money on them and enriching those receiving the subsidies. That's not to say that there might not be a case for a limited subsidy in developing new technologies, just in order to get them off the ground, however limited ought to mean that by a certain amount of time it's sink or swim time...
Not that governments seem to have grasped this basic point.
HARD-UP families could see energy bills double to a ­whopping £3,000 a year, experts warned last night.
The forecast came as millions of households face rises of up to £140 in electricity and gas bills within weeks.
The current average dual fuel bill stands at £1,420. But, with the way prices are continuing to soar, this figure is set to double by 2020.
Mark Todd, of energy­, said: “Over the next seven years we could see bills hit £3,000 if current trends continue. This is a very big rise and is going to hit people extremely hard.”
Another round of price hikes is thought to be “imminent”, with firms expected to slap an extra five to 10 per cent on the annual bill.
It means that hard-pressed families will have to find up to £140 more a year as gas and electricity bills soar to £1,560.
Energyhelpline’s Mr Todd said a new wave of price hikes are likely before the beginning of winter.
He blamed investment in green energy and rising wholesale and transport costs for the rocketing bills.
Prof Fells said: “It is inevitable that the price of energy will rise, and I blame this on the huge investment in renewable energy. If the Government pursues this expansion of green energy, it will cost the bill-payer.”
 Yes, the government is wasting our money on renewable energy to face a crisis that doesn't exist save in the minds of bureaucrats, politicians and the hard of thinking leftist watermelons. With the bureaucrats and politicians I suspect it's just a means to pocket public money as part of directorships in renewable energy companies. With the watermelons I suspect that it's all just part of a plan by their leadership to take us all back to the stone-age save for a technical elite living high on the hog, I doubt it has anything to do with the good of the planet, more to do with the good of the enviroloony leadership.
People are going to die because of the government of both stripes lunacy in sticking it to us in the form of green subsidies on fuel. Our old, our sick/disabled and our very young are being sacrificed on the alter of the cruel and unforgiving green religion. That there are alternatives to renewables is known, hence the anti-fracking protests at an oil drilling rig for some reason or another. They'd rather we died in the cold than have cheap energy, their cruel god demands it, destruction of the West as a civilisation has always been at the core of leftist/watermelon policy, hence their lack of protests at what India and China do.
One day we'll kill them all though...


3 annotations:

Anonymous said...

Well said!!

Barman said...

Nice to see the real culprits blamed for a change - normally it is 'greedy energy companies'...

Who knows, perhaps soon we'll have two prices on fuel pumps - we are charging you this and the other 60% is down to HMG.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Agreed. But the energy companies are not entirely innocent in all of this either.