Saturday, August 3, 2013

The race industry

It's pretty much a truism for any government funded department or government funded cause in that once the money flows in, they feel obliged to justify said money to keep flowing in. With the Equality and Human Rights Commission their remit is to combat racism, this means in order to justify their suckling at the taxpayers teat they have to find racism... any racism even if it's not really racism at all.
BRITAIN’S equalities watchdog was accused of ­creating a farce yesterday after it demanded the Home Office prove that a controversial anti-illegal immigrant programme was not racist.
Immigration officers and police carried out a series of stop-and-check operations around London railway stations this week.
This led to the arrest of more than a dozen suspected illegal immigrants.
The Home Office said their operations were “based on intelligence”.
But the Equality and Human Rights Commission launched an inquiry yesterday to see if it breached discrimination rules by using “racial profiling”.
The Commission will also be examining a controversial “Go home or face arrest” advertising campaign set up by the Home Office.
You'd think that the Commission would realise that the immigrants were targeted because they are here illegally and any illegal immigrants would be foreigners by definition, or is that implying common sense to the race industry?
The thing is, illegals don't pay tax, don't pay national insurance and whilst they may contribute economically to the system, as a net benefit they often undermine those who do employ legal immigrants and follow the rules and regulation. These are the companies who are often 'undercut' by those abusing the system.
So, from my point of view it isn't racism to profile those in the possible illegals group, though try convincing a leftard or human rights for anyone but the English supporter of this. As far as they are concerned we should be offering the thieves an amnesty. And yes, they are thieves as they are taking something from those here who do contribute their fair whack.
They are illegals, they are criminals if only because they are illegals, they are foreigners by definition, what's so hard to grasp about this?

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