Sunday, August 25, 2013

Someone else we don't really need here

Just what is it about this country that makes it the target for every islamic loonjob as a safe haven to spout their bile?
Actually I think we know what it is, it's called the Human Rights Act and a bunch of extreme legalists lawyers who have schemed to keep the most undesirable people from being booted out to their just deserts.
The new spiritual leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is living in hiding in London in fear of state-sponsored assassination, it can be disclosed.
Gomaa Amin is understood to have been made head of the Islamist organisation last week following the arrest of his predecessor in Cairo by Egypt’s military rulers.
Mr Amin, 79, had flown to London about two months ago for medical treatment and as a result escaped detention when the army seized power in a bloody coup. He is now residing at an undisclosed address from which he is trying to orchestrate the Muslim Brotherhood’s response to the coup. The presence of Mr Amin in London is a potential headache for British authorities who may be obliged to provide protection for such a senior and controversial figure. The Muslim Brotherhood supports a caliphate, a unified Islamic state under Sharia law, and has been accused of fuelling religious tensions in the Middle East, particularly with the Christian minority.
So exactly why is he being allowed to stay here? I don't want anyone who has influence over people who want a new caliphate or sharia law implemented over none muslims to be anywhere near my country. The man is a dangerous fanatic and should have been denied entry to the UK simply because of who he is. He will be a magnet for islamic extremists throughout Europe and the World  many of whom thanks to the Foreign Office (Aka the camel corps) were invited here under an open door policy tso they could avoid being offed by their countries governments. Abu Qatada, Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri Mohammed the well renowned hate preachers were all allowed here under such a policy and all caused this country far more problems than their entry justified... if indeed there was any justification for allowing a pack of rabid loons into the UK.
Perhaps we should do the Egyptian people a favour and hand him back or allow him to be 'offed' anyway... pour encourager les autres... as the saying goes.

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Dioclese said...

Every time human right is mentioned, steam comes out of my ears.

Here's yet another example of the bullshit we have decided to settle for.

I expect we'll be sending troops to Syria next. Perhaps we should have military coup over her?

cornishstu said...

I hope he is paying for his medical treatment or is the British tax payer picking up the tab as usual

Anonymous said...

There can be no safer place than a small hut somewhere on a Scottish Island or the Falklands. British territories, surrounded by sea and far away from us and those who wish him harm.

Win win,

Not ideal. But good enough under present circumstances.