Thursday, August 1, 2013

Reinstated, but for how long

There was an interesting article in the Telegraph today as highlighted by DerekP in the comments of my last post. It is by Sean Thomas and it highlights the abuse of wikipedia by its left leaning editors to remove articles mentioning the butchery of whites in the UK by non-whites. He reckons it's to try and deny the so called 'far right' helpful publicity.
There are few people who would decry the peerage announced today for Doreen Lawrence, mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence. With her remorseless, dignified campaigning she made it impossible for British society to ignore the appalling slaughter of her son.
Actually I can as I believe Doreen Lawrence has warped British justice with her endless campaign to the point of emasculating our police and allowing the left led race industry a big stick in which to abuse the so called racist whites in UK society by the can't be racist no how, no way non whites. That she has been rewarded does not mean what she did was right or proper.
But here’s a funny thing. As I was looking at Wikipedia’s Lawrence entry, I tried to compare it to Wikipedia’s treatment of other “racialised” killings. Like that of white 19-year-old Gavin Hopley.
Ten years ago, Gavin Hopley, who worked as a security guard in Oldham, was hoping to get a late-night taxi with two friends. They approached a number of cars, in the Muslim area of Glodwick, which had seen serious racial tension in preceding months.
Suddenly they were surrounded by at least a dozen Asian youths, armed with lumps of wood. After a vicious scuffle, where he was kicked in the face, and clubbed with fence-posts, Gavin was left unconscious in the road. His friends escaped. A few days later Gavin died from his injuries.
Murdered by muslims, not Asians.
There was, in the past, a Wiki article on his case, but it isn’t there, not any more. However, the Wikipedian debate surrounding the removal of the Wiki article can still be seen.
Deliberately removed as it was being used by those who oppose the islamisation of the UK as evidence of the barbarians in our midst. The left will rewrite history deliberately to blot out such incidents as honesty is not in their remit.
To add to the intrigue, the same fastidious editors who deleted “Gavin Hopley” also removed entries relating to several other savage murders of whites by non-whites: Richard Whelan, Mary Ann Leneghan, Charlene Downes, etc. Here are some of the Wikipedia comments on those deletions: “Sad to say, murder is far too common to confer notability on its victims”; “We really don’t want articles on every single crime”.
Yet the murder of St Stephen of Lawrence is...
So what’s going on? Is there some vast, anti-white conspiracy at work in the Wikipedia labs? I doubt it. I suspect this is more a case of people hating the Far Right so much, they will redraft history, in order to deny them “helpful” publicity.
Pretty much spot on, the left will do anything to deny those whom they oppose a voice, in fact the term 'far right' is simply a label for anyone or anything the left doesn't like, same with fascist and bigot.
Oddly enough Wikipedia was shamed into restoring the Charlene Downes page by this article, though sadly not the others.
The left constantly deny those they oppose any form of fairness or justice if they can by any way prevent it. It's what they do, they are morally bankrupt and corrupt to the core.
Socialism like Nazism its brother in arms should have been consigned to the dustbin of history decades ago.

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Anonymous said...

I agree to be honest Doreen would be a good candidate if she campaigned for all victims of race crimes perhaps Ross Parker Kriss Donald for example . That will not happen though their vicious racist murders do not warrant the same level of outrage and disgust, I can not think why but its a sick world.