Monday, July 1, 2013

The procedure is part of the punishment

A year and a half ago, Emma West made the headlines for all the wrong reasons when she was caught on camera venting forth on race with her child sat on her knee. She was immediately villified by the establishment and the left as well as various pressure groups over her words, all taken from the fragments of the event filmed on someone's phone.
That there was a lot more to the story, seemed not to matter to those attacking the lady. She was also treated far differently to other characters letting forth about race and religion, but the establishment mostly ignored those or gave them a quick metaphorical slap on the wrist as they were done by 'people of colour' so different rules applied, cultural thing, natch.
A woman who was filmed shouting racist abuse on a London tram in a video watched by 11 million people has been given a community sentence.
Emma West, 34, of New Addington, admitted racially-aggravated disorderly behaviour likely to cause harassment or distress at Croydon Crown Court.
West was filmed shouting racist abuse at passengers travelling on a tram between Croydon and Wimbledon.
She was bound over to keep the peace and handed a 24-month community order.
A judge said West was clearly suffering from mental health problems at the time of the outburst.
One and a half years and it was so serious that she received a community order.
One wonders just what the hell was going on in those 18 months, though as the title suggests, the procedure for speaking your mind is part of the punishment.
Yes Emma West had mental health problems, but the one thing that repeatedly came out from people who knew her was that her outburst was caused by something the person filming her rant either didn't see or chose to edit out. The person Emma was ranting at had deliberately spat at her feet when she asked them if they could move. Now I'm not saying that what she did was advisable, though freedom of speech took a bit of a knock when she was arrested for doing so, but, I doubt I would be any too happy had someone done the same to me.
As it is, I wish Emma well and a chance to put all this behind her, she got to keep her child despite attempts to seize him and hopefully will get the help she needs.
As for the rest of us...
Put up and SHUT UP!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Well said. I wish Emma well too, RIP freedom of speech also. I hate lefties (and the Beeb). It is they who are "clearly suffering from mental health problems".