Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Or we could just sterilise you and put your kids into care

Just joking...
Though it's not funny...
A "SUPER-FERTILE" unemployed mum-of-six and her jobless husband are demanding a four-bedroom council house for their family.
Maggie Flisher, 26, and husband Gavin, 30, currently live in a cramped one-bedroom flat while claiming £27,000 in benefits.
Mrs Flisher, who does not work as she is depressed, said the reason she has six children under the age of eight is because contraception is no match for her fertility.
Yes I sort of sympathise with the woman, all my kids were conceived whilst contraception was in use. However after the third I decided that a vasectomy would 'cure' the problem of any more sprogs turning up.
It also meant that I could work and support my family.
I believe everyone has a right to have as many babies as they like, but, other than a bit of support for the first two, no one has the right to expect to be paid for them. You should have them only if you can afford them and you shouldn't expect the taxpayer to stump up for your mistakes/lifestyle choice.
Mrs Flisher, who does not work as she is depressed.
Clearly not 'that' depressed if she has a sex life... or perhaps that's why she's depressed, the pic of her man gives another possible reason too...
The most depressing thing of all is that the leftards in the Labour party are discussing enshrining the right to steal from taxpayers social benefits as part of the reviled Human Rights Act.
God help England...
God help us all.

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ageing man said...

He should take his fooking hat off for a starters, that would make him less attractive and perhaps she can get on with the ironing, sans sex !

Twenty_Rothmans said...

Lazy, dirty scum, producing more of the same and perpetuating the existence of the Labour party.

Every penny that these defectives spend has been taken from the pocket of someone who works or has worked.

Would a farmer breed the most useless specimens of his animals? No, he'd send them off to a glue factory.

Not that I am proposing that Mr and Mrs Flisher be turned into glue.

Because it wouldn't work.

Anonymous said...

what annoys me some people confuse this with the working class !! I grew up on a council estate where working class people worked

The are parasites on that working class and the new middle class i.e homeowners whether they are unskilled or trades and admin

shameful and Labours new constituency perhaps Labour should change their name

Dioclese said...

Kinda makes the benefits cap look like a good idea, doesn't it?

Here's another shining example : http://dioclese.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/scrounger-of-week.html

Bucko The Moose said...

""Mrs Flisher, who does not work as she is depressed.""

I'm depressed now. And I'm at work. That's why I'm depressed.

Silly cow.

Anonymous said...

Why should people get any support for their brats, let alone the first two? You want them, you pay for them. End of........