Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gosh, well fancy that...

I don't like the BBC, I'll use them as a news source, but where possible I won't use them where the news source is biased by their agenda, without pointing out said agenda, I do the same with any other news source. However a report out seems to recognise what I and many others knew to be a fact, that the BBC is simply not to be trusted when it comes to certain subjects and it's liberal left bias comes to the fore.
THE BBC was guilty of a “deep liberal bias” which led it to ignore widespread public concern about immigration, a scathing report said yesterday.
Journalists disregarded forecasts that net immigration was set to soar and members of the public were even blocked from complaining about the influx on a BBC phone-in.
TV bosses were also “slow” to catch up with the growth in support for Britain to quit the EU, as has been championed by the Daily Express.
The damning verdict was delivered yesterday in an independent report into impartiality and bias in BBC journalism commissioned by the BBC Trust, the body that overseas the broadcaster.
Immigration is not the only area in which the BBC promotes a definite bias, it's treatment of Israel in the middle east, as well as the EU along with it's political programs giving an easy ride to Labour/leftist spokesmen but rigorously and often rudely interrogating those of the so called right and independents.
Yet the BBC for years blithely kept to the neutral/unbiased line despite it being blatantly obvious that they were neither. There is even a website BiasedBBC which is constantly monitoring and exposing said bias.
Yet the BBC did nothing.
Their response to the report?
The BBC has now vowed to appoint “story champions” to pressure editors into giving more broadcast time to “important and long-running news stories.”
Executives also promised to “widely and systematically” share audience views.
One wonders which stories the BBC will champion? It's not as if they have a great track record now is it....

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Anonymous said...

I hope the BBC's 'story champions' aren't purloined from Easyjet's 'Customer Service Champions' or we are all doomed. I know that they are the ideal candidates for employment to give single-issue tunnel-visioned answers and comments but surely their should also be a further barrier to overcome before being employed by the BBC. I would suggest a lifetime membership of Unite, photos of Tom Watson in his underpants on their bedroom walls or even 'Peston for PM'. Any one should qualify them for the next round. Did you know that if you add just a couple of letters, and take some away, 'BBC impartiality' is an anagram of 'politically motivated lying sh*ts'.

Anonymous said...

Story Champions - As funded by your TV tax; sorry, License Fee.