Friday, June 14, 2013

Will no one rid us of this turbulent salafist?

Abu Qatada, who came here under a false passport and who claimed asylum due to torture from Jordan (unproven) and who supported Al Qaeda and the terrorist acts they carried out in the name of Islam. Theis is the same  Qatada who issued a fatwa in 1995 justifying the killing of Muslims who renounce their faith, and of their families.In 1999 he advocated the killing of Jews and praised attacks on Americans. A real charmer and advert for the religion of peace intolerance as you can see.
The British taxpayer has spent £1.7million in eight years on the battle to kick out Abu Qatada, it emerged today.
More than a third of the bill is to cover the legal aid claims made by the radical cleric against attempts to deport him to Jordan.Critics slammed the huge sum which could pay for 90 police officers for a year.
This is one of the unintended (possibly) consequences of signing up to the Human Rights Act whereby we can't simply stick the rancid old goat on a plane and deport him. Apparently there are insufficient safeguards as to Jordan not torturing him. Most of us don't give a damn if they do, he's their problem not ours.
So, instead because of the evil intent of the previous Labour government to remove UK justice from the UK people and hand it over to foreign judges we have spent £1.7 million of legal aid on a guy who is not a citizen of this country and whom nobody but a few islamists and lawyers are happy to see around, though the lawyers would drop him in a second if he wasn't such a cash cow for them.
Frankly Qatada isn't worth a penny of our cash and should have been thrown out long ago. That he hasn't yet is entirely the fault of the previous Labour government.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely bloody sickening that British taxpayers money is being spent on this scumbag. He should have been kicked out anyway because he was an illegal immigrant. Can anybody tell me what other country in the world puts the "human rights" of a terrorist before their own people? Put him and all his rotten tribe on the next plane out.