Friday, June 28, 2013

The price of envirolunacy

Various blogs and sited have been warning for years that the lights are about to go out due to the governments lunatic energy policy which appears to have been designed by people who haven't a clue about power generation, coupled with inflated design outputs of 'alternative' energy schemes to fill the pockets of those in the political circles by higher tariffs and taxation.
Well now the hour approaches...
POWER cuts are set to become frequent again as nuclear and coal-fired power stations are closed to meet green targets, energy regulator Ofgem warned yesterday.
By 2015 there will be only two per cent spare electricity capacity and the risk of supplies being interrupted will be 10 times higher.
Millions of homes could be blacked out every four years. At present the risk is only one in 47 years. The last time Britain suffered prolonged power cuts was in the Seventies.
Mark Todd, founder of website, said: “We could be looking at a return to the days of regular blackouts. This could be the Government’s green policy spectacularly backfiring. It’s a very worrying situation – time to start stocking up on candles.”
Ian Fells, emeritus professor of energy conversion at Newcastle University, said: “We have been warning of this for four years. It takes just one power station to stop, which happens when things go wrong, and there won’t be enough to replace the lost energy.
There's some curious waffle about increasing storage capacity of bird mincers et al but this just means adding capacitors to smooth the energy flow, not storage capacity which it appears to be what the enviroloons mean.
Successive governments in the UK have betrayed the people of this land by not increasing normal generating capacity in favour of methods that don't work when the wind doesn't blow (or blows too hard) or the sun doesn't shine. All this has done is line the pockets of those funding or managing the useless green energy scam systems.
There's even a bit at the end where the claim is made that foreign gas prices will eventually increase, whilst conveniently forgetting that we are sitting on a bonanza of cheap coal and shale extracted gas. of course the enviroloon lobby doesn't want these used and they are joined by certain politicians and energy companies who want to keep the price of power high, though it looks like the wheels will come off that little scam very soon as the unknowing political morons in Westminster have as ever taken things too far...
There's a saying which goes that we get the government we deserve.
I can't believe we deserve this lot though.

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