Monday, June 10, 2013

Not quite justice... but close

Well the Birmingham barbarians were sentenced today for the crime of trying to set off bombs in a public area for the crime of insulting their paedophile prophet and associated sky fairy. I've no doubt appeals are underway, though from my point of view the sentences were far too lenient and had the roles been reversed I dare say anyone trying to blow up muslims would have gotten a lot more in the way of a realistic sentence.
Six men from the West Midlands have been jailed for up to 19-and-a-half years each for planning to bomb an English Defence League rally.
Omar Khan, Jewel Uddin, Mohammed Hasseen, Mohammed Saud, Zohaib Ahmed and Anzal Hussain had all admitted terrorism offences in April.
Five of them had taken a bomb, knives and sawn-off shotguns to last June's rally in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.
But the plotters arrived two hours after the EDL event had ended.
The men, who all lived in or near Birmingham, were caught by chance after a car being used by two of them, and carrying weapons, was stopped by police on the M1 after the rally and found to have no insurance.
In other words it was only sheer bloody luck that an atrocity didn't take place and innocent members of the public killed. Not that some on the side of the barbarians see the EDL as innocent, however as the EDL hasn't blown up anything, nor even it seems burned anything down, the supporters of the religion of peace barbarism are desperately looking for some way to point the finger at anyone other than islam.
So I guess today's trial will not have been good news along with the portended death of the Tell Mama make it up as you go along junket.
It does seem that anything that the left get their hands on turns to dross, though I suspect this is more of it being impossible to actually get anything right with socialism.
Still, it will no doubt be a rare old time for islamic good news stories and a lot of finger pointing at the activities of the EDL as well as the usual 'this isn't the real islam' cant that passes for public consumption these days, though the general public don't appear to believe this for one moment despite the best efforts of the MSM.
There is no place in a civilised society for a religion that can aid and abet such barbarism. All the other major world religions have grown, changed and adapted, save one. That is the one drowning the world in a sea of blood wherever its followers clash with civilisation.
There should be no place for this vile religion in the UK.

3 annotations:

Anonymous said...

Rhetorical question. Where did they get the sawn-off shotguns from ?

And should we really be arming people in Syria ? Not knowing where these weapons may one day end up.

You do wonder about the people who we 'supposedly' put in charge.

BulloPill said...

Interesting that the BBC Midlands telly reported this and in the same news item mentioned at some length the fatal stabbing of an elderly Muslim man in Birmingham, linked to a police search to find a "white man" captured running on CCTV around the time of the murder. The reporter tried to knit fog, kind of suggesting that there was a link to the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich, even though the police had said there was no evidence of any such link.

Barry said...

"Where did they get the sawn-off shotguns from ?"

Plod's recent whine about the cost of administering the shotgun licence scheme springs to mind. Interviewing farmers every five years hasn't prevented this.