Thursday, June 20, 2013


There are poll's around that tell politicians pretty much what the people of the UK feel about various issues. I suspect the one in which their views about politicians makes for uncomfortable reading and is probably ignored. The one about getting, or rather not getting involved in Syria seems to be getting ignored by some politicians too, but not all.
TONY BLAIR called last night for Western intervention in the civil war in Syria, warning that countries that stay out could end up paying “a higher price”.
The former Prime Minister said David Cameron and other Western leaders face “ugly choices” over how to deal with the bloodshed in Syria and the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran.
Mr Blair’s remarks ignited renewed fury over the legacy of his foreign policy.
Senior Tory MP John Baron, who has been arguing against arming Syrian rebels, said: “Old habits die hard. It beggars belief that some maintain that pouring more weapons into this civil war will not increase the violence and the suffering.
“It would be nigh on impossible to stop weaponry falling into the hands of extremists on the rebel side.”
Most people in this country are against involving ourselves at all in any adventures in islamic countries, for any reason. A lot would be happy to send our own jihadis in to help, though on the condition they don't return. If muslims want to kill each other, then that's pretty much fine by most people who live here, save for the likes of Tony Blair. Sure we know that Syria is under the influence of Iran, but fighting them at ground level is not the answer, nor is arming the rebels as they have a pretty high concentration of extremists amongst them and sooner rather than later they'll use the weapons on us.
Frankly if we're arming anyone it should be those fighting muslims...
You know it makes sense.

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dave c said...

and of course Blairs meddling in Iraq and Afghanistan did sooo much good,lots of dead British soldiers and still the beasts fight each other.

Anonymous said...

You think that Blair would at least keep his head down - but no !

Up he pops to tell us and the world what should be done. I think if he has such views, he should offer his first born to the armed services, and get him to fight and probably die for daddy. That might go someway to quench his thirst for blood and treasure.

Cameron and Hague are champing at the bit to go and join in. Where do we get these nut jobs from ?

Syria, as far as I know, has never been a threat to the UK or any of its interests. Leave them alone, and they will leave us, a lone.

Assad is a nasty piece of work. But in that part of the world, when it come to being an evil bastard, he is NOT in a league of his own.