Friday, June 7, 2013

Just what planet are you on?

There's this trial going on with a bunch of islamist yahoo's who were arrested travelling down to bomb an EDL demo. So far, so good, the police caught them by accident as their car was uninsured, arrested and charged them. The EDL themselves have taken an interest in the trial proceedings, but so far it's been relatively peaceful as the UAF have mostly gone to ground.
However the words of the prosecuting QC have me scratching my head a little.
Six British jihadists plotted to blow up an English Defence League rally to spark a ‘tit-for-tat spiral of violence and terror’, a court heard yesterday.
The extremists wanted to ‘execute a terrible vengeance’ on the far-Right group for its ‘blasphemous words and actions’ against Islam.
The six planned to attack the EDL with a nail bomb, shotguns, samurai swords and knives.
Yup, sounds pretty much like the islamists we've come to know and loathe.
Prosecutor Bobbie Cheema QC said the jihadists ‘intended to cause serious injury and anticipated that some may have died’.
‘It takes but a little contemplation to realise that had the retaliatory attack gone ahead as planned it would have had a powerful impact on relations between different groups... and that impact would probably still be reverberating today,’ she said. ‘There can be little doubt that a violent attack of the kind intended to be carried out would have been bound to draw a response in revenge from its target and those who sympathise with the EDL and would most likely have led to a tit-for-tat spiral of violence and terror.
I'm sorry? Tit for tat? Just what planet does she think the EDL inhabit?
There are a few things you get to know when you really get to know the EDL.
1) They are mostly just ordinary people (not far right or far anything)
2) They can be quite noisy.
3) They mostly for all the noise are peaceable and will obey the law and the instructions of those carrying out the law. (Their opponents are the ones usually criticised by the police for not obeying instructions)
4) They are not terrorists or violently inclined to go blowing up muslims in any form of reprisal, no matter the circumstances.

All I can say is anyone who attacks defenceless, men, women and children (for there were such on and near the demo) can hang from the highest tree for all I care, its the Muslim 'radicals' who are without mercy, integrity and honour, not us and the EDL would never stoop to their level. After all, if the reaction to the butchery of Lee Rigby is to be taken note of, muslims as a whole have little to fear from the English... so far.

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Anonymous said...

I also feel that the use of 'retaliatory' a little odd.