Monday, June 17, 2013

Greed and no shame

Those whom believe they have a mandate from the public due to winning a sort of popularity competition are often enough highly profligate with public taxation, particularly on themselves and various groups and pets they favour.
It seems as if as soon as they dip their fingers into the public purse they start being profligate by offering gifts and favours to anyone they like.
TOWN hall chiefs will be accused tonight of wasting millions on perks, including company cars, golf lessons, pedicures and luxury foreign trips.
One council even had its own ambassador to foster relations with its twin town in France.
Local authorities also spend millions gagging their own staff to prevent them telling all, an investigation by Channel 4’s Dispatches programme claims.
The documentary will show how over five years Lord Hanningfield, disgraced former Tory leader of Essex County Council, spent nearly £300,000 on hospitality and travel with his council purchase card.
It included £136,000 on trips to 24 countries, including £7,700 on a three-day seminar in the Bahamas and £2,000 to stay at a five-star hotel in India.
But the peer, jailed in 2011 for falsely claiming £28,000 in parliamentary expenses, defended his spending. He said he entertained people who helped Essex save money, explaining: “It’s worth spending £100 to save a million, isn’t it?”
Of his stay in India, he added: “If you’re going to stay there, you’ve got to stay somewhere you’re not going to be ill.”
The How Councils Waste Your Money programme is based on hundreds of Freedom of Information requests.
The documentary comes just days after the TaxPayers’ Alliance revealed that central and local government wasted more than £120billion of taxpayers’ money in just one year – or £4,500 for every household.
A classic case of not seeing the taxpayers money being in any shape or form 'real' but rather an extension of the magic money tree formula that seems to so enamour the public services that infest the corridors of power in this country.
What people want, particularly people who actually pay into the system is the basics to work. Bins to be emptied, street lights to work, police to be dealing with crime (actual crime not political correctness crimes) Stuff like that, the basics in other words.
What we don't want are payments to special interest groups, payments for translation services, gifts, perks, junkets, freebies, or public funds used for political purposes.
The only way to deal with this is each year form in which the public can tick just which services they are going to fund via their council tax. Certain things like the police etc can be mandatory, but any special interest groups are fair game for the taxpayer.
It's called referism and it's probably the only way we'll ever get these twats back under control.

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wiggiatlarge said...

This of course comes after his stay at Her Majesties pleasure for fiddling his HOL expenses.
The case by Essex CC was dropped, seemingly the council chief Joanna Killian was feasting at times from the same table as Lord Hanningfield and it all mysteriously went away, he then won damages against the police for the manor of his arrest, claiming the usual litany of reasons, "suffering from bad nerves after his internment" general ill health and upsetting that his dog might be left on its own, he now of course is back in the trough at the HOL "doing his best for the people of Essex".