Wednesday, June 12, 2013


No, not about the attempt by politicians and the higher ranks of the armed forces to try and prevent its members from being part of the EDL. Though if it were me I'd be more worried about serving members who are muslims...
No, this is about the lunacy of Alcohol Concern a fake charity funded by the taxpayer via the government to try and stop advertising of alcohol at sporting venues and cinema's showing films which aren't 18 rated.
Sky News.
A charity has called for a complete ban on alcohol advertising at music and sports events.
Alcohol Concern wants the action to protect children and young people from what it describes as "excessive" exposure.
The drinks industry disagrees however, and says the advertising of alcohol is already heavily regulated.
Alcohol Concern claims the current regulatory system is failing young people, citing high levels of alcohol brand recognition and "numerous" examples of inappropriate advertising.
It is recommending new rules that restrict adverts to referring only to the characteristics of the product, such as strength, origin, composition and means of production.
The charity wants a ban on alcohol advertising in the trailers of films shown in cinemas with less than an 18 certificate.
For the cheeldren? Tick.
For our own good? Tick
Because they know best? Tick.
Because they are meddlesome prodnoses given power way beyond sanity? Tick.

Yep, they've managed to tick all the right boxes to make themselves look important and tell the world that their reality is in a totally different place to the rest of us.
Why won't these wankers just leave us alone?
Oops yes, gave the answer myself in the second paragraph, they have to justify their existence by hectoring us because the government uses our taxes to pay them to do so...
This is one of the results of voting for a mainstream party, they use our taxation in ways to suit themselves, not anyone else so indulge in social engineering to make us pliable to their wishes.
That's why I recommend that if you do vote, you don't vote for the Lib/Lab/Con it only encourages the bastards to set up organisations like this.

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