Saturday, May 4, 2013

The man who (should of) would be king.

I have a lot of time for David Davis, he's they guy who lost to Cameron for the Tory leadership and whom I suspect many Tories now believe had they chosen him they might not be in the position they are in now. He's also the guy who resigned his seat on a point of principal to highlight the erosion of civil liberties in the UK. So when he has something to say, it's usually worth listening too, even if you don't agree.
Tories must start listening to ordinary voters, not their old school chums So how should we deal with Thursday’s reverse? Well we should neither underestimate it nor misunderstand it. Firstly, it matters.
In local elections organisation on the ground is very important. Yet Ukip’s surge was done with virtually no locally organised local campaigning at all. In my part of Yorkshire we put in five to 10 times the volume of campaigning that Ukip did, yet we lost 15 per cent, they gained 30 per cent from a standing start.
So come the next Euro elections, when local organisation does not matter anything like so much, it is entirely possible that Ukip will top the poll. That would mean serious political momentum, more financial backers, more attention, more coverage, and the consequences for the Conservative Party in the subsequent general election would be dire.
That is the size of the problem. The nature of the problem has also changed over time. It used to be that the Tory fears about Ukip were unfounded, because the party’s vote was mixed Tory and Labour. Now it is about three Tories to one Labour.
Ukip has deliberately become more than a single-issue party. Since 2004 it has transformed itself into a Primary Colours Conservative Party.
Its policies on law and order, immigration, taxation, foreign affairs, and, of course, Europe mimic a simplified 1980s Tory manifesto.
So the electoral answers are Conservative ones, but the test of our response is less about how Right-wing we are than how relevant we are to ordinary people. So no matter how uncomfortable it makes our metropolitan elite, we have to deal properly with fears over immigration.
We have to do more to help conventional families through the hard times, including serious tax breaks for married couples. We should start cutting taxes to regenerate the economy, indeed we should have started years ago when it had more chance of working before the election.
And of course we should give the people a say over Europe, ideally before the Euro elections. Otherwise Nigel Farage will characterise those elections as “the referendum the Tories wouldn’t let you have”.
But most of all we have to start convincing the people that we care about the things that matter to them.
In a lot of respects he's right, though I do believe this is a case of shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted. Cameron and the rest of the political classes whom he represents far more than the people of the country or indeed the Tory party have done massive damage to the country in pursuit of their own aims which seldom matched those of the ordinary voter. Indeed they treat ordinary voters as fools and finally are waking up to the fact that the compliment is now being returned in spades.
They took a party which enjoyed success after success during the mid 1980's to the mid 1990's and turned it into another soundbite led New Labour clone, then wondered why they were losing traditional support. Hell Cameron couldn't even win an election against one of the most unpopular Labour governments in living memory.
People look at the main political parties and have realised that they are all the same and pretty much all led by an unscrupulous set of utter bastards who are determined to line their own pockets and those who bankroll them at our expense. Why else are they foisting us off with bird mincers and useless solar energy? Yet they don't realise that all the public want is reasonable energy prices as they struggle to pay bills and aren't so stupid as to realise just who the non exec directors of the bird mincing companies are.
Nor have the public forgiven them for robbing us blind via expenses and we suspect that there's a cabal of paedophiles somewhere up there who are throwing aged celebrities to the wolves to avoid being outed themselves.
Ukip are no panacea, but they have one major advantage over the rest of the political dross that makes up the political classes in the UK. It's quite simple, they aren't the Lib/Lab/Con, they aren't tainted goods no matter what scandals the MSM come up with via the political party press advisor's.
Perhaps Ukip's time has come, but I don't think the Tory party can just change policies to get voters to vote for them. Tainted goods will remain tainted until you remove the source of the corruption. Frankly that's most of our current sitting MP's.

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Twenty_Rothmans said...


they have known for years what we want.

An instant change to immigration laws. Instant. Overnight.

An instant change to our participation in the EU. Instant. Overnight.

A rapid change to our tax regime, ripping the old books up and starting again.

A rapid change to the NHS. Foreigners pay full whack.

Three - that's three years in, and none of these has been addressed.

Anonymous said...

I can recall a TV play some years ago where two politicians were fighting for the leadership of the party and each had to give a speech to the Party. The first candidate made a mediocre speech to an audience who had breakfasted, travelled to the venue and had enjoyed light refreshment. The second speaker made his speech after the audience had enjoyed a full,3 course, lunch with wine and liqueurs before returning to a venue where supporters of the first speaker had turned the heating up. The result was that no matter how powerful the second speech was, it was wasted on a theatre full of sated, sleeping or dozing Party members. It's funny how fact can, allegedly, copy fiction.

Dioclese said...

I did the count yesterday for the Council elections and got chatting to one of the UKIP activists.

He pointed out to me that there's a general misconception about UKIP. UKIP don't have a party whip, so at the county level you are effectively electing an independent councillor who answer to his electorate on local issues and not to the party. I don't think that message has got through and it might help them if it did.

So you have to ask which party represents you best at council level : Is it the main parties who put party first, voter second or UKIP who put the electorate first.

Of course I suppose you could argue they all put themselves first, I suppose but UKIP still have to be second choice to an independent with a proven track record.

I voted for an independent who has been there for years and actually makes and effort. When I told the UKIP man this, he wasn't in the least bit annoyed I hadn't voted for him. HIs attitude was fair enough and would you like to join the party even if you don;t vote for us at local level?

Breaking the mould? Yeah, I'd say so.

I know who I'm voting for in the EU elections next year...

Barnacle Bill said...

At least with UKIP I can see a future for my grand children in this country - their homeland.

All the other herds of piggies offer is continued enslavement to a foreign power - the EU.

So fingers crossed UKIP will smash the shackles.