Friday, May 31, 2013

Making it up as you go along...

The pro EUphiles must be getting desperate, they are peddling the 'leaving will cost jobs' myth and stamping their feet because no-one really believes them anymore.
TALK of leaving the European Union is damaging job prospects and is economically "irresponsible", according to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury.
And islam is a religion of peace, saying it doesn't make it so...
Liberal Democrat Danny Alexander believes Britain is in the perfect position to lead changes to the EU as large eurozone countries are politically and economically too weak to oppose reform.
Speaking to Manchester's Chamber of Commerce, Mr Alexander also vowed the Government would not be changing the course of its economic police, despite calls from a leading think-tank to increase investment in infrastructure/
He said: "Half of our trade is with Europe. In fact, EU countries trade twice as much with each other than they would without the single market - activity which is worth £3,300 per British household. Over 3.5 million British jobs are linked to that trade.
And this trade will stop if we leave? Is mr Alexander so stupid as to believe the EU will not want to trade with us even if we leave? They'll certainly want to carry on selling us stuff, after all, they sell us more than we sell them.
So, the pro EU Lib Dems continue to make things up whilst expecting us to believe them. Well I have some news for mr Alexander, more and more people are coming to the view that the fourth largest party in terms of voter support has it completely wrong on the EU and hence you are losing votes left right and centre.
Perhaps you should re-evaluate just why Ukip is doing so well...

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English Pensioner said...

Douglas Carswell at
points out that Jaguar Land Rover, which exports world wide is increasing its sales (and has started an extra shift) whilst Honda UK which sells mainly in Europe is cutting back because EU car sales have fallen by 7%.
If I was selling, I know which market that I'd be looking at

Leg-iron said...

The politicians say it will cost jobs, and it will...


They stand to benefit from highly paid non-jobs once their stint in Parliament is over.