Thursday, May 23, 2013


How come reports tell us that the police took 20 minutes to react to the atrocity in Greenwich?
How come when someone smashed some cabinets at a mosque in Gillingham, the police said  the damage happened at 20.00 and an arrest was made at 20.04?
Guess it shows where the priorities lie.
The one good point is that the cowards were not killed but were brought down by a policewoman and won't be getting their 72 virgins white grapes.
The bad news is that we can't string them up pour encourager les autres.
Boris Johnson also seems to think we shouldn't blame the mindless fascistic ideology wrapped up in religious trappings that is islam for the atrocity. It's noticeable that he doesn't tell us who or what to blame.
I also learned that one of the cowardly barbarians who perpetrated the act is a converted Christian, you'd think people would have far more self respect.
There is no place for Islam in a civilised society, now or ever.

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Juteman said...

Maybe the police were alert to any potential reaction against Moslem targets, and the murder in London was out of the blue and couldn't be prepared for?
That might explain the time difference, but who knows?

Quiet_Man said...

20 minutes in which the barbarians paraded their views on video whilst the poor soul lay in the street is about 16 minutes too long.

Fahrenheit211 said...

Wrong priorities from the police (appeasing Muslims) coupled with incompetance. I'm so angry about this killing, and Cameron's mealy mouthed 'nothing to do with Islam' along with added 'diversity' wibble, has not helped to dispel the feeling that the murder of Drummer Rigby is going to spark acts of vengance against a community that too often say nothing about the terrorists in their midst whilst often happily availing themselves of Britain's welfare state.

I don't desire violence, I only and with great anger and sadness, predict it.

Juteman said...

I am as angry as anyone here, but i don't blame a race or a community for a maniac commiting murder. The crime was commited by a lunatic, not by my Asian heighbour, who is a good person. It's great that his religion forbids alcohol, as he always buys beer for bbqs, and i drink it.

Fahrenheit211 said...

I don't blame a 'race' but I certainly blame the ideology of Islam. There are many Muslims who care little and know less about the structure of Islam and it's literature, but there are others who understand the exhortations to violence and act on them. The crime was committed by a lunatic you say, but what fed and nurtured his lunacy, I think you will find that it is the Koran that has done that.

Anonymous said...

I think that the armed police should have made sure that these two left the scene in body bags. Now it will cost millions for a pointless trial, and whilst they are being kept in the lap of luxury at our expense their peace loving muslim brethren will be taking British citizens hostage to demand the release of these heroes of Islam. The British government does not negotiate with terrorists so these hostges will also be hacked to death. All this because the armed police can't shoot straight!