Monday, April 1, 2013

Throwing your toys out of the pram

What is it about the political left and childish behaviour (to go on top of malevolent, genocidal, eugenetic, dictatorial behaviour to name but a few) It's like they simply cannot accept that other people might have different views and go out of their way to denigrate, minimise or more usually misrepresent them. Take anything that sniffs of right wing thought (whether it's right wing or simply a different type of left wing) and suddenly the toys go out of the pram...
Ex-foreign secretary David Miliband has resigned from the board of Sunderland football club over new head coach Paolo Di Canio's "past political statements".
Mr Di Canio has previously described himself as "a fascist, not a racist".
Mr Miliband had been serving as the club's vice-chairman and as a non-executive director.
He said he wished the club "all success in the future. It is a great institution that does a huge amount for the North East".
One can only assume that the huge amount Sunderland do for the North East is for the vast amusement of Newcastle fans... but I digress.
I was aware of Millipede D's association with Sunderland, though that wasn't the main reason for disliking him, I mainly disliked him because he was simply another Blair clone with all the economic ineptitude that goes with such a position. Bluntly, anyone of the left of the political spectrum should not be allowed anywhere near the countries finances, they simply haven't a clue and mistake political dogma for economic policy. (Think magic money tree, union corruption and spending more than you take in)
Still you have the amusing story of Millipede D quitting his (well paid) position of non executive board director of Sunderland AFC because the new manager admits he holds fascist views (not racist but fascist) which is quite laughable as Fascism is a credo or political movement of the left as it simply does not accommodate free markets or capitalism. However it's not orthodox leftism so that immediately makes it right wing (it isn't) and a threat to leftist orthodoxy (which it is as it appeals to the working class far more than Marxism being of a nationalist pride in your country bent)
However anyone holding political views that the left cannot subvert or twist is seen as a threat so the extreme gesture is called for and most people will never know just what it is that Di Canio said or believes (it isn't in the BBC article surprise, surprise) Milliband is a creepy Marxist who Sunderland (and his constituency of South Shield's) are well rid of, I wish Di Canio well (but not that well, I am a Newcastle fan after all)

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Dioclese said...

Nice spin, I thought. Absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he's going to live in American, then?