Saturday, April 6, 2013

It could just be that he's not that good

The hate-mongering business as set up by the left to justify their social engineering and exclusion policies in order to change society into the way they believe it should be (ie not one anybody with common sense or decency would wish to live in) constantly throws up cases where prejudice is assumed simply because of the colour of a persons skin, or religion (or the now vast other 'special' groups out there) Quite often it's in the interest of the hate industry to make such cases media events, after all, if they don't, people might start asking pointed questions as to why we are employing them...
The Sun.
ONE of Britain’s oldest youth football clubs has been accused of repeatedly subbing the same boy — just because he’s Asian.
Furious mum Fehnez Khan reported the team to cops and the FA — claiming her nine-year-old lad Jaedon was the victim of race hate.
The raging parent insisted: “My son was the only coloured boy in the side and I am sure that was why he wasn’t given as good a chance as the rest.”
The conveyancing assistant, 42, even hired two undercover coaches to watch Jaedon play — and she said they couldn’t understand why he was often taken off.
But officials from Knowle FC in Solihull, West Mids — which was formed in 1926 — have angrily denied any suggestion of racism.
They told cops the youngster was only ever substituted or put on the bench for football reasons.
Ah the classic 'is it cos I is black' cri de coeur of someone who refuses to accept any other explanation other than the one where it has to be prejudice, as we all know that prejudice is rife in our society. After all it must be, we're constantly being told it is by the race industry and the moronic left.
The real explanation though is somewhat more prosaic...
They quizzed the parents of nine players, including one Asian boy, who said Jaedon was a weaker squad member.
In other words he simply wasn't good enough for the team, not necessarily useless, just that if you are in a squad of very good players then you might just struggle to keep up with them, or your game style simply does not suit the teams style.
It's usually not because your skin colour doesn't fit.
That however does not stop the race/hate-mongers deciding to leap into action as it gives them an excuse to get their cause into the press as well as getting a wad of cash in compo should they get their way.
Altogether now... ♪It's never your fault, it's never your fault. Always the victim, it's never your fault.♫
(To the tune of the Sloop John B chorus) 
The sooner we get a government with the balls to dismantle the hate industry and move us all to the same status rather than believe some animals are more equal than others the better.

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