Monday, April 8, 2013

A chapter of history closes

Margaret Thatcher, like her or loathe her died today, she was in many peoples eyes the greatest post war Prime Minister the country has ever had and won three consecutive general elections increasing her majority each time, something no other prime minister this or the previous century managed.
Yet there are some out there who will be delighted that a frail old lady suffering from alzheimers died today from a stroke. Some with good reason though they tend to be a minority of the left and those who came into direct conflict with Thatcher's government (ex miners mostly) No doubt they will be the ones making the embarrassing headlines here and there about dancing (or worse) on graves and will mostly be ignored.
Eulogies will no doubt become endless too, as Thatcher's life and the events she had power over will be gone over time and time again. Some will no doubt go completely over the top there too.
To me Margaret Thatcher was a direct reaction to the times we lived in when she took power. The militant left had decided that they could and would make everyone's life a misery with their actions via the union barons. The electorate decided to elect a Prime Minister to put a stop to this and indeed Thatcher did. That said had it not been for the Falklands conflict she may not have won a second term (never mind a third) as the cure as ever was proving unpalatable to many who fell upon hard times as the UK's industrial base changed beyond recognition and the service sector grew to replace it.
As it was, the Falklands conflict showed the people that we had a true leader, not just a person in charge and Thatcher reaped the benefit of this until her untimely demise at the hands of a group of fearful EUphiles.
The Prime Ministers who followed her could not hold a candle to her achievements, nor are they men of true worth, simply shades of bland grey. Talentless nobodies whose only desire is to achieve and hold onto power no matter the cost to the UK people.
So RIP Margaret Thatcher, you are sorely missed.

Did I like her?
Did I admire her and what she achieved?
Hell yes!

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Dioclese said...

Well said. Comments I echo over on mine.