Sunday, March 3, 2013

Promises, promises, always promises...

Here we go again, Theresa May the Home secretary is 'threatening' to take us out of the European Court of Human Rights. Just not right now and with no indication as to whether she can actually do it or find the necessary support in Parliament to actually withdraw.
Britain is set to pull out of the discredited European Convention on Human Rights that has allowed dangerous criminals and hate preachers to remain in the UK.
It marks a triumph for The Mail on Sunday’s campaign against the ludicrous abuses of justice carried out in the name of human rights.
The historic move, to be announced soon by Home Secretary Theresa May, would mean foreign courts could no longer meddle in British justice.
The European Convention has led to such hugely controversial decisions as banning the deportation of radical cleric Abu Qatada and giving British prisoners the right to vote.
Mrs May’s bold proposals to include the move in the next Tory Election manifesto reflect the party’s growing hostility towards Europe. If enacted, her policy would leave British judges free to interpret the law without interference from the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).
Mrs May wants to withdraw from the convention before the next Election in 2015, but Liberal Democrat Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, a keen pro-European, has made it clear he will veto the initiative.
As a result, it is set to be a manifesto promise to be put into action if David Cameron wins an overall majority. Together with the Prime Minister’s vow to hold a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, it will give the Tory manifesto a strong anti-European theme to combat the increasing appeal of UKIP.
Yes, the boy Clegg and his anti-UK party do not want us to leave the ECHR, nor I suspect do the (We've never met a terrorist we don't like) Labour Party who dropped us in it signed up to the damned thing in the first place. So what we have is a party looking likely to lose the next general election making rash promise to do something they are unlikely to be able to do anyway. Not that the Tories are responsible for the mess we are in, the blame foe that lies squarely at the feet of Labour who put the country in hock for the next few generations because they've never learned how to actually balance a budget and believe in the magic money tree of economics where loans can be taken out and the tax payer can be fleeced to pay for them ad infinitum.
No, what we have are signs of panic in the Tories who have realised just what ordinary people are thinking and that they don't have a set of policies to match. They are not being helped by their idiot leader who believes the centre ground rather than what people want is the place to be. Besides, the man can't be trusted to keep his (cast iron) word, which is why despite an open goal left by the most unpopular labour government in living memory they couldn't actually win the last election and ended up being saddled with Cleggy's pseudo socialist EUphiles.
What people want is that foreign criminals are deported so quick that their feet won't even touch the ground, that they might be killed or tortured when they are deported is not our problem.
We don't want 'the right to a family life' to be an excuse to stay, if their families love them that much they can go with them.
The claim that 'Europe' (actually the EU) is low on most peoples priorities is true, but that doesn't mean the majority don't want out, just that getting screwed over by the government and criminals matters more. It may be a low priority, but it isn't unimportant and most of the Westminster political bubble have failed to notice this.
"We're tired of mass uncontrolled immigration, we're tolerant, but the diabolical solution to rub the rights nose in multiculturalism has done nothing but stir up anger amongst ordinary people who have to live with alien hostile communities in their midst. Again something the Westminster bubble do not have to do.
We want the government and the authorities to stop pandering to islam, shariah law is barbaric and has no place in a moder civilisation, or indeed any civilisation. If muslims want to practice it, fine, they can practice it back in the shitholes that call themselves islamic republics, they shouldn't be allowed to practice it here, nor use it as an excuse for barbarism, grooming or other vile acts.
We're sick of being told about climate change, we're sick of paying through the nose for 'renewable' energy scams schemes that don't work and cost the bloody earth to maintain or supply not anything like enough energy. We're sitting on coal and shale gas, we can keep the lights on for hundreds of years by using those resources, but no, too many politicians are on the take via the 'green' energy supply scam, so we'll freeze and the lights will go out.
The problem Theresa May and politicians really face is politicians, they are the ones who have wrecked this country and allowed an evil festering cancer to grow amongst its people. They are the ones responsible for the lights going out. They must be the ones to pay...
Anyone who votes for the big three is letting this country down, I don't care who you vote for, but if you love this country, do not let it be the Lib/Lab/Con.

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Leg-iron said...

Cameron has just given his mate a plum EU job. He has no intention of delivering on his next manifesto any more than on the last one.