Sunday, March 24, 2013

Human wrongs

Once again the utter imbecility of this countries signing up to the human rights act has come to the fore. What we have is a mass murderer living off taxpayers income who has been found guilty of crimes against humanity but we won't deport him back to face the results of his crimes.
A war criminal who took part in attacks in which countless civilians were killed is living rent-free at taxpayers’ expense in a large house in the West Midlands.
Mohamed Salim, 27, claimed he was in a militia that ‘wiped out entire villages’ in his native Sudan.
But despite being found guilty of crimes against humanity last year, he was allowed to stay in Britain indefinitely under human rights law because sending him home might put his life in danger.
The former fighter in the Janjaweed militia, which killed around 300,000 people during the war in Darfur, is living off benefits in a semi-detached house surrounded by family homes on a tree-lined street in Handsworth, Birmingham.
He is given £160 a month of taxpayers’ money and spends his days watching football in nearby bars.
Despite claiming that he shot so many people dead in Darfur that he lost count, he is under minimal supervision and does not have to report to the police.
Salim voluntarily gave anonymous media interviews after arriving in Britain in 2006, boasting about burning and looting 30 villages where men, women and children were killed.
He said at the time: ‘Whenever we go into a village and find resistance we kill everyone. Sometimes they said “wipe out an entire village”. And we shoot to kill. Most were civilians.
'Most were women. Innocent people running out and being killed, including children. There are many rapes.’
And yet because of the HRA we cannot send him back because his life might be in danger.
They really cannot grasp the fact that most of us do not give a flying fuck what happens to him if we send him back, that's his problem, not ours. If either side want to take him out and shoot him or worse, then that isn't the problem of the UK, he wasn't born here and his crimes are self confessed.
This country is seen as a soft touch for anyone who has committed some atrocious crimes and fled the country they committed them in. Though only it appears if they are not white. We're overcrowded enough without taking in mass murderers from elsewhere. No doubt if it does look likely he will be asked to leave he'll claim the right to stay due to the fact that he has the right to a family life too. Not exactly hard to claim that, plenty of girls who are willing daft enough to get pregnant out there.
We are storing up a terrible harvest of grief for ourselves for when (or if) the people of this land finally decide to clear house, I do believe it's coming, but allowing people like Mohamed Salim to stay here only makes it harder in the long run as he'll definitely be on the other side, the one with the monsters...

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Anonymous said...

Err... Who is giving hm the money? We aren't paying him, the Government is. With our money. And if they didn't want him to be here then he wouldn't be. It's a Punch and Judy show, they are distracting us with characters like this to take our attention from theft, war, paedos, and more theft.