Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bit intrusive

Frankly the powers that be in the UK are far too intrusive in areas that really should be none of their business, in fact most of what they want to know is pretty much none of their business. My good lady uses the phrase as wanting to know the ins and outs of a ducks bottom (we have grandchildren it's affected our speech patterns) Still Birmingham council are really taking the mickey over this one...
Mail. (Usual caveats)
Town hall officials have quizzed residents about their sexuality – in a survey on wheelie bins.
The questionnaire, sent by Birmingham council to thousands of homes, posed a number of mundane questions relating to recycling reward schemes, the sizes of bins and whether respective properties had adequate space to store them.
But it had a bizarre sting in the tail. One of the questions in the ‘about you’ section asked: ‘Which of the following most accurately describes your sexual orientation?’
The options available were ‘bisexual, gay man, gay woman/lesbian, heterosexual/straight, other, or prefer not to say’.
The question has not gone down well with the citizens of Birmingham. One of them, Dave Dixon, 34, who was emailed the questionnaire, said: ‘It does not ask if residents want such bins but is very interested in their sexual orientation. Are we going to have different coloured bins dependent on one’s orientation?’
That they believe it somehow helps them to know if they've got the balance right cities ethnic/make-up simply tells you that they have far too much time and money on their hands and that really the people who come up with this sort of thing ought to be sacked and/or banned from ever holding public office or working in public services ever again. It's the only way they'll ever learn to leave us alone, pour encourager les autres as the saying goes.
Some of the stuff they want to know really isn't any of their business, particularly when it comes to skin colour/nationality, religion or sexual orientation.
Still the cartoon made me smile...

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Anonymous said...

I've always hated this type of thing.

The ones that have always angered me are the ethnicity or colour questions.
There will be a single tick box for white...oh thats fine then you're white, the form doesn't ask what shade of white or whether you've got a tan natural or otherwise.

But hang on we then get to what shade of black or other non white you might be, umpteen bloody options there.

I happen to be white but have always refused to answer those bloody questions, i expect people of other colours or race's have got used to such bollox over the years, but they shouldn't have.

Sod 'em.

Regards Judd