Saturday, February 23, 2013

When in a hole...

Stop digging.
So, the UK has lost its treasured AAA credit rating mostly because the morons who purport to rule us don't have the balls to stop spending and trim the budget to suit our means. Of course you have the likes of the moronic BBC and various others of the hard of thinking (AKA the liberal left) who are blaming the governments 'austerity' measures though how they equate austerity to increased levels of borrowing is beyond me, but as I said, they are the hard of thinking and I have to presume that they believe that robbing future generations to maintain their lifestyles is a price worth paying and the future generations problem.
Labour has attacked the government's economic policy after the UK lost its AAA credit rating, but the coalition says it is "making progress".
Shadow chancellor Ed Balls said the downgrade was a "humiliating blow" for the chancellor, urging him to act fast to "kick-start our flatlining economy".
But chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said the government was getting Britain "back on track".
Ratings agency Moody's cut the UK's top rate to Aa1.
The agency, which is the first to downgrade the country's rating since 1978, said it had done so due to expectations that growth will "remain sluggish over the next few years".
This would be the same Ed Balls who presided over the ruinous tax and spend policies of Labour carried on by the coagulation who caused the damned problem in the first place. It's the equivalent of an arsonist advising that the best way to put out a fire is by pouring more petrol on it.
The government need to stop spending and cut back on the services it offers. It needs to reduce its total manpower size and STOP BLOODY SPENDING!
I mean if the average family behaved in a manner that this government (and the previous one) acted we'd be arrested or have the bailiffs around to try and recoup their losses. The morons are actually borrowing to repay debt and making sure that the next few generations are going to curse us to high heaven for landing them with our problem. They're going to get the keys to the house as part of their inheritance and find that the house is mortgaged to the hilt and that someone very unsympathetic actually owns it anyway!
The government of this country it seems is far to precious to be left in the hands of politicians, we need to hang them all now, followed by the lawyers and the heads of the civil services coupled with a side swipe at the BBC.
It can't come soon enough...

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