Sunday, February 17, 2013

What's yours is mine...

There's something hypocritical about the Liberal democrats in that they appear to be neither liberal or democratic supporting state intrusion into our lives at all points with an unwholesome support for the mostly unaccountable EU in the process.
Their latest wheeze to squeeze the taxpayer is to go after family heirlooms and jewellery.
Mail. (usual caveats)
Families will be forced to pay tax on jewellery and other heirlooms under controversial new plans drawn up by the Liberal Democrats.
Under the scheme, tax inspectors would get unprecedented new powers to go into homes and value rings, necklaces, paintings, furniture and other family treasures.
Householders would be forced to pay a new ‘wealth’ levy on the assets – with the threat of fines for those who refused to let snoops value their possessions.
A policy document seen by The Mail on Sunday spells out how the taxman ‘may have to visit homes to test values of jewellery, paintings, etc’.
Now granted this idea has about as much chance of becoming law as a snowball's chance in hell but it does show you the mindset of those in power within the Lib Dems in that they see the rich or indeed anyone with money as a target, the politics of envy writ large in other words. Problem is that the Lib Dems have far more in common with the grasping comrades of the Labour Party and its constant war on anyone with cash, property, civil liberties and freedom of thought. They truly believe that the state is the best (and only) solution to all life's problems and to hell with anyone who wants to do things their way. despite the catalogue of state failures and inefficiency over the years practically from the founding of the modern state.
Their solution to everything is more control and more state spending and to do that they need to pick a pocket or several million to pay for their grasping schemes. I still run into the odd person who truly believes that the Labour Party are the party of the working class and that the Lib Dems are a protest vote of choice without actually looking at what those parties have ever done (recently) for the working class in mass uncontrolled immigration, high taxation and state intrusion into their lives. Sometimes it's a joy to watch the blinkers come off, most times though they cannot see just what they vote for.
Any party who advocates more control over our lives and more spending of our cash on things no government should ever be involved with (Yes Tories I'm looking at you too) should not receive our votes.
The Lib Lab Con should go with the rest of the dinosaurs quietly into extinction...

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The Jannie said...

Proposals like this should be political suicide, yet the great British public will still vote for these or similar scum with marginally different window-dressing.

Dioclese said...

Yep. Another vote winner from good old Cleggie!

The problem with the Lib Dems has always been that you can spout all sorts of idealistic guff when you know you've got no chance of getting into power - but unfortunately, now they are in power and it shows them up for the bunch of tossers they actually are.

James Higham said...

Had a run-in with Mark Wadsworth over property. He doesn't believe in it.