Monday, February 25, 2013

The cost of leadership

Seems the boy Clegg is in a bit of a Pickle (and not the Eric kind) over the fact that he ordered an investigation into a sex pest and then apparently did nothing despite further offences by said pest...
Mail. (Usual caveats)
Nick Clegg's leadership of the Liberal Democrats was called into question today, as the party's president said it had 'screwed up' the handling of sex assault claims against Lord Rennard.
Mr Clegg today insisted he had 'nothing to hide', after dramatically changing his story over what he knew about allegations made by women against Lord Rennard, the party's former chief executive.
The Lib Dems face accusations of a ‘classic cover-up’ after Mr Clegg admitted he has known for five years that Lord Rennard faced 'indirect and non-specific' claims of molesting women.
In a stunning about-face, Mr Clegg said he asked his chief of staff, Danny Alexander, to probe ‘concerns about Chris Rennard’s conduct’ in 2008.
The Deputy Prime Minister conceded he accepted the denials of the then Lib Dem chief executive at face value and allowed him to retire on health grounds a year later.
It may well be that he actually did know nothing, though that begs the question of why not? After all, it does seem to be something that pretty much everyone else in the party knew about or had alluded too. Clegg even knew about the indirect and non-specific concerns as he did order an investigation, though why he should change his story he has yet to give reasons for. Some of the more unkind people reading between the lines would suspect that Clegg knew very well what Rennard was and was trying to to do with any female unfortunate enough to come within his grasp. Or perhaps that's everyone except the Lib Dem leadership who seem to be complicit in trying to avoid the glare of bad publicity that such a revelation would bring.
Perhaps now lessons will be learned and any other sex pests within the Lib Dems (and other parties) will be rooted out and dealt with. This seems to be unlikely though, whilst I don't believe that power corrupts, I do believe it attracts the easily corruptible.
Perhaps we should just stick to plan A and hang them all during and after the inevitable revolution...

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