Thursday, February 7, 2013

Humour (and the lack of it)

How many times must we reitterate the fact that no one has a right not to be offended?
As many times as it takes apparently...
Mail. (usual caveats)

A local councillor has been suspended for posting a comment on Facebook comparing Muslim children wearing burkas to bin bags.
Chris Joannides also messaged friends during meetings with his constituents asking for updates on football scores and complaining about missing his favourite television programmes.
The Conservative councillor for Enfield, in north London, has denied being Islamophobic and defended his comments as 'blokeish banter'.
Mr Joannides posted a photo showing a woman and child dressed in burkas standing next to two bin bags.
He wrote underneath: 'I saw her standing there and I told her she had three beautiful children. She didn't have to get all p***ed off and threaten me. It was an honest mistake!'
Tbh I found it funny, however as a Councillor he should have known what would happen next  when the multiculti humourless you're a racist cos you're white brigade get involved being offended in proxy for everyone wearing a burka.
Local resident Samantha Cox said: 'His comments might seem harmless, but they are incredibly offensive.
'He is comparing bin bags to Muslim children and that cannot be right, "blokeish banter" or not.'
Which suggests Samantha Cox needs a humour transplant too. Though perhaps she didn't see the picture, or is one of those people who believe that criticism via humour is racist/sexist/islamophobic.
No doubt Mr Joannides will utter a suitable apology (forced) and have this thrown in his face every so often by the opposition. But sadly another blow against freedom of speech will have been eroded again by those who get offended in our name...

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English Pensioner said...

I am offended every time that I see residents of my country dressed like that, visitors is one thing but not residents. "When in Rome, etc"
Strange, nobody seems to take any notice of my being offended, is it because I'm a white heterosexual male with generations of English ancestors?

Highland Cooncil said...

Ha ha ha ha one must laugh one must by order

on Scottish Government !!!

Not many deed !!!

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

She must be from the Bin Bag-Laden family....

Laurie -