Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tokenism writ large

The race industry in this country is a cancer that really needs to be removed from positions of power and influence. It has gone from a position of fighting to deal with unfairness and genuine racism to promoting the agenda of minority groups over and above those of the indigenous population. The latest proposals by the government prove this by looking to implement tokenism in companies rather than competence and the ability to actually do the job required.
LARGE companies would be urged to declare what proportion of their workforce is black and ethnic minority under a plan being considered by senior Tory figures.
David Cameron has reportedly asked ministers to come up with ideas that would help the party reach out to communities that are not traditionally Tory-supporting.
Conservative Party vice-chairman Alok Sharma said that could include asking firms to provide an ethnic breakdown of employees at different levels of seniority.
"We could also have some sort of voluntary code to say if you have taken on 10 people this year, and you had 100 interviews, and you had 1,000 people who applied, can we see the breakdown by gender and ethnic balance?" he said.
"Other countries do it in terms of gender but we would be doing something new if we did it in terms of the ethnic balance."
Mr Sharma said he was not talking about quotas.
"It's about information.
And no doubt the information would then be used to justify some form of tokenism to place ethnics in jobs that might be better suited to other candidates who would be disqualified for being white indigenous.
Anyone else here who cannot see that coming?
This is why we need the race industry to be dismantled, they just cannot help themselves trying to get their ethnics to the top of the tree and the plum jobs and to hell with the natives here. They've even changed the definition of racism to exclude racist acts by ethnics on the indigenous population by saying only the dominant culture (as they see it) can be racist in attitude whilst everyone else is simply angry and frustrated. Yet who is dominating who here? They have power and influence way beyond their numbers backed up by idiot leftists and the liberal/left intelligentsia who simply don't have to live with the consequences of their actions.
This is why we get demands for companies to state how many ethnics they employ and at which levels of seniority they have. Next step will be some form of law or statute demanding that said companies reflect or exceed the ethnic populace in the country and all in a grubby attempt to buy votes from people who apparently hate us.
It should be none of the governments business who employs whom in this country, in the end it ought to be down to competence, nothing less.

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microdave said...

"David Cameron has reportedly asked ministers to come up with ideas that would help the party reach out to communities that are not traditionally Tory-supporting"

And instantly alienate the few remaining ones that are...

Fahrenheit211 said...

I marched against genuine racism back in the early 80's but I'm absolutely appalled by what has been done by the false doctrine of multiculturalism. I marched alongside my black and asian mates so that we would all be treated equally by amongst other the police and the courts.

I'm sure we did not march for tokenism, or differential hiring policies based on race and gender, nor did we march for a bent justice system that lets a rapist walk with a non custodial because the rapists religion told him that women were property.

We did not march for that sort of outcome, none of us did. We marched so that we would all be seen as equal under the skin, that it was our character not our colour that mattered. We did not march for the apartheid of multiculturalism.

James Higham said...

Hijacking of a cause - that's all it is.

Anonymous said...

Very, very disappointed with the Conservatives. I hoped after 13 years of Labour's pc crap we'd seen the last of all this. It's sickening, I've had a belly full. I just wish I'd got the hell out 20 years ago, alas I'm far too old now. I'm voting UKIP or BNP from now on, sod 'em all.

FrankC said...

I'm not sure whether it's here or in the U.S.A., but companies applying for a council or government contact have to supply such a breakdown of their employees ethnicity. Not competence, just ethnicity.

FrankC said...

government contract. Grr.