Thursday, January 3, 2013

And they wonder why we protest

Can you imagine a situation where your income jumps twice as fast as your paymasters? Well you can if you live on benefits in the UK...

Mail. (usual caveats)
  • Benefits rising twice as fast as salaries: Payments to unemployed jump by 20% in five years
  • Jobseeker's Allowance up 20 per cent from £59.15 a week in 2007/08 to £71
  • In the same five-year period wages only rose by 12 per cent
Welfare handouts to those languishing on the dole have risen almost twice as fast as average wages over the past five years.
Out-of-work benefits have jumped in value by an astonishing 20 per cent since 2007 while wages have crept up by just 12 per cent, official figures released last night reveal.
Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said the figures proved that automatically increasing benefits by the rate of inflation, as has previously been the case, was ‘not fair’ on working people whose taxes fund the handouts.
Wouldn't it have been nice to have had a 20% increase in your income over the last five years? A 4% increase per annum? I certainly never managed anything like it, I even had a pay freeze two years in a row, though thankfully the company's financial situation has improved somewhat and we will be getting a pay rise this year. I doubt it will be 4% though.
Thing is if you check the comments not many actually 'get it' that the money paid out in benefits comes from workers and businesses. There's far too much of the 20% of nothing is nothing nonsense going on. They don't get it that taking something from someone who has to give to someone who hasn't by the state is strictly speaking theft, particularly if those who have are tightening their belts because of the economic situation.
Sure you can play about with percentages, but the facts remain, those who have are getting the shitty end of the stick by a previous Labour government who have created a welfare dependent class and a public service administration who rely on the states largesse. The same state who takes from us to give to them and doesn't give a damn about us...

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Anonymous said...

I agree that it is unfair that the working population's salaries do not equate to the rise in the cost of living, but why attack the unemployed?
Do you not realise that a large whack of unemployed have far more skills than many people in work and could no doubt do their job better? What would happen if you lost your job to some eastern european? Would you then sit in your echelon tower and pillory the unemployed?

Why not instead of bashing Islam, like you do on a regular basis, actually educate yourself by going deeper into 'how society is run' instead of scratching the surface? Why not look for the men behind the curtain instead of ranting and raving at the facades they create purposefully for you do just so?

Have you even stopped to consider the large number of migrants who have poured into the UK since the end of WW2 and more importantly '97 has had a direct impact on gaining employment in the UK? Did you for once never think of the simple fact that all this was engineered to create a populous dependent upon the state through no fault of the soon to be unemployed?

We have two drastically different trains of thought at play here. One that's living in the past, oblivious to the sculpted reality they live within and the other one who knows very well that they're living within within an agenda planned well over 120 years ago that they are almost utterly helpless to change.

Thatcher, back in the 80's spoke of children who will grow up in families dependent on state benefits whose parents will have never been in full time employment. Long gone are the days of the British working man in the factory as portrayed by Sid James in Bless This House and other films from the 70's.

Would you rather be assaulted and robbed on a regular basis by the unemployed who have no state benefit because that would be a most likely alternative?

Bevin's welfare state, we are told, was set up to help people financially who were inbetween jobs. Do you think the people actually knew this 'good intention' would pave their way to a future state dependent hell? Do you think any of them knew that the welfare state would move from a service into an authority over their lives, as Lenin stated back in the 1920's? Do you think any of them knew that the floodgates would be open to effectively turn their national welfare state into an international one?

You, like the psychopathic elites pulling the strings are promoting their agenda in your attack on the unemployed. Your philosophy is on a par with breaking a donkey's legs and then kicking it because it won't stand up.

The growing unemployment in the UK is not just state planned but a direct result of the ignorance of Britons who allowed themselves to be indoctrinated by MSM propaganda and who remained silent when Trade Unions smashed worker's rights, industries moved abroad and immigrants moved in to create a colossal impact on indigenous employment and society in the future.


StourbridgeRantBoy said...

I am currently on JSA, am 56 and have worked since i was 15 - i have paid a lot into this system and do not regard my 'benefit' as a 'gift'. I have paid into this system, i have also, fortunately, have had little recourse to the NHS. My conscience is crystal clear.

Sort out the immigrants, the interpreters, the bankers, the MP's, the foreign aid, the health tourists, Police overtime, the Pressn (including the Daily Mail).

Some reform is needed but there are NO fucking jobs, i.e. jobs worth having/doing. The minimum wage is now the maximum wage and if you do'nt like it you can fuck off is the attitude, more part-time jobs with no protection or holidays.

Around here there are 20 people chasing every job!

Welcome to the suck.......

Laurie -

Anonymous said...

Anger of a quit man,

I truly hope you lose your employment and see reality through the looking glass. How do you think 'StourbridgeRantBoy' above feels being thrown on the scrap heap at 56, having worked all his life, having to chase a job with 20 others (and the rest), knowing that equality legislation means giving priority to minorities and women first?
People like you who rant on at what you rant about do so because the shoe's never been on the other foot. Don't expect sympathy when you have to move into the rapidly growing Shitsville, jobless, penniless and a choice between slave labour volunteering work or no benefits. Severe austerity is a planned agenda about to hit all. Wake up ffs!


Quiet_Man said...

And what makes you think I haven't been unemployed?
My rant was at the government taking from those who have to those who cannot and will not. Not those who want to get off benefits. It was aimed at The person who uses the state as a means of living, such as the recently reported guy who wouldn't take a job because it meant getting up at 8am. Certainly not a Stourbridge Rant Boy who seeks employment and who has been prevented from finding it by government immigration policy. You seem to forget just who has to pay for this increase. Who has to pay for the feckless as well as those who do not want to be on benefits. The whole system is bolloxed up, but that's not the fault of the unemployed.

James Higham said...

And thus it goes on, QM.