Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ah the inevitable must...

I don't think the boy Clegg has quite grasped this democracy thingy yet in that politicians are supposed to represent the views of their constituents (I know I know in an ideal world etc) But it does seem the lure of his pension overwhelms his responsibilities in a clear case of getting them wrong. Not that Lib Dems have such a great recent track record with democracy, I suspect it comes from taking in all those deluded socialists from the SDP demise.
Nick Clegg has warned David Cameron that Britain must not back out of Europe and dismissed plans for a referendum on the country’s membership of the EU as “putting the cart before the horse”.
The Deputy Prime Minister made the intervention as his Coalition partner, under pressure from members of his own party, prepares to set out a new approach to the issue in a speech in the New Year.
The Prime Minister is widely expected to demand a repatriation of powers from Brussels as the price of agreeing financial reform of the eurozone, with the promise of a referendum in the 2015 Tory general election manifesto.
Mr Cameron has already promised Conservative MPs that the party will fight the election on a “clear Eurosceptic position”.
Meanwhile a poll today shows that most Britons now want to leave Europe, with 51% saying they would vote for an exit – in a marked hardening of eurosceptic attitudes.
But Mr Clegg argues in a newspaper interview today against offering a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU and says that Britain should instead be exercising its leadership role in Europe.
It's the usual tired old lies about Britain's leadership in the EU as Britain does not nor never will lead the EU short of conquering it. They tell us what to do and the people of Britain know this and whilst previously were prepared to put up with it or ignore it, attitudes are hardening and there is a small but definite trend towards getting out and sticking two fingers up to the corrupt bastards in charge there. Not that the EU can be trusted in any referendum (same as Cameron really) but it does look like most politicians at least are starting to read the writing on the (UKIP) wall and harden their attitudes at least towards the EU, even if they still think we should remain in (most of them do I suspect). However in Cleggy boys denial of democracy should such a referendum be held and return a massive slap in the face of the EU in a in/out referendum in insisting that we musn't back out regardless of what the people want, then we see the true colours of an EUphile revealed. The one that trots out the old hackneyed arguments about it being a disaster and we'd be on our own (despite being unable to prove it) whilst ignoring the success of such countries as Norway or Switzerland who have trade ties but no political ties and so can stick two fingers up to the meddlers if they interfere in national interests.
The UK can be a good trading partner with the EU without being part of the EU and that's what the EUphiles truly fear that in going alone we'd prove that the whole corrupt edifice is not necessary at all.


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Antisthenes said...

The EU was a good idea with admirable intentions "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" and that is where it is leading us all. Democracy was already in decline in the UK and many other states in Europe and the EU was in it's construct accelerating the process. A lot of talk is about repatriation of powers from Brussels. That is a total idiocy as there is no way that can happen as the other members will never countenance that Hollande has said as much already. The only way to renegotiate is to leave and negotiate re-entry on UK terms that the EU will nor accept either so the split would become permanent.The only plausible questions for a referendum are to stay in or leave and negotiate re-entry. If we stay in the UK will continue to be without influence and will be subject to use and abuse. All the EU want is the UK contribution to the EU budget.

Dioclese said...

Could we perhaps exhume the traitor Heath and put his head on a pole outside parliament as a warning to all traitors?

Better still, why not Clegg's head?...

And would that be the same referendum that Cameron promised us in his last manifesto?