Sunday, November 18, 2012

You're pleading with the wrong guy Dave

What is it with politicians in this country and their need to interfere in other peoples business? From taxpayers, drinkers, smokers, even foreign governments (those that we don't bribe with taxpayers cash)
So here we go, I'm trawling through press reports and as ever the main headlines are of the Israeli/Palestinian problems. I normally don't get involved with online discussions on the subject as there are too many entrenched views, though I do note just who the aggressors are and oddly enough it's rarely Israel...
Prime Minister David Cameron has urged Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to do "everything possible" to end the crisis in Gaza.
In a phone call with the Israeli PM, Mr Cameron also expressed sympathy for the "unacceptable rocket attacks" Israel has suffered from militants.
At least 50 Palestinians and three Israelis have now been killed.
On Saturday, pro-Palestinian protesters gathered in Edinburgh and London to urge an end to the violence.
An Israeli air strike killed Hamas military chief Ahmed Said Khalil al-Jabari and another official in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday.
This air strike followed a wave of rocket attacks into Israel from the territory.
Now lets just look at this from another perspective. Suppose you or I lived next to a neighbour who insisted on tossing dog muck over your fence on a regular basis. You've tried remonstrating with them, getting the authorities involved, documented lots of times when they and their friends have behaved very un-neighbourly because as far as they're concerned they want you to move (never mind the original causes of the dispute) Finally you snap and empty a whole sack of fertiliser on top of your neighbour and they go bleating to the authorities about your behaviour and you end up being told to behave.
That is pretty much Israel's position from a strictly layman's point of view, yet Cameron phones up the aggrieved party and asks him to behave rather than the barbarians who started the thing in the first place. And no I won't go down the road of proportionality when it comes to casualties, no other army would accept that they have to go one on one with casualties, why the hell should the Israelis? As for civilian casualties, well the Hamas militants terrorist government could always choose not to site its munitions and arms under schools, hospitals or residential areas.
Cameron should really just mind his own business in the middle east, if Israel wants to fight the Palestinians for behaving like dickheads then that's Israel's choice.

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Farenheit211 said...

Everytime that Israel has made a concession to enable peace, that concession has been not only rejected but means that even bigger demands are made by the representatives of the Arab peoples of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank of the Jordan(Yehuda and Shomron to some).

Israel wants peace. In fact peace with Israel could be extremely beneficial economically and socially to the whole middle east. A peaceful middle east would mean reciprocal markets for products both from Israel and the Arab states.