Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The law must not only apply to people whose views are "favourably received"

Seems the no platform for the BNP/(add whichever group is not flavour of the month) has had a poke in the eye from the European Court of Human Rights. When it ruled that summary dismissal of an employee who was/is a member of the BNP was a breach of his human rights.
The sacking of a bus driver for being a member of the British National Party (BNP) was a breach of his human rights, a court has ruled.
Arthur Redfearn was dismissed in 2004 after winning a seat on Bradford Council. His employer, Serco, said it feared possible reprisal attacks.
The European Court of Human Rights has ruled in Mr Redfearn's favour.
The judgement on Tuesday said the law must not only apply to people whose views are "favourably received".
The judges ruled Serco's actions breached the law on Freedom of Assembly and Association because Mr Redfearn was sacked from his job of six months only because of his membership of a political party.
In its judgement, the European court judges said: "The court was struck by the fact that he had been summarily dismissed following complaints about problems which had never actually occurred, without any apparent consideration being given to the possibility of transferring him to a non-customer facing role.
"In fact, prior to his political affiliation becoming public knowledge, neither service users nor colleagues had complained about Mr Redfearn, who was considered a 'first-class employee'."
I've always found it odd that being a member of a legal political party which receives a good few votes during elections should be so feared by the liberal left. I'm no great fan of the BNP myself, I don't like their policies (far too leftist) in general but don't really have any personal bone to pick with them. That said I would have far more fear over sitting on a bus with a muslim in full beard and islamic regalia than I would with a BNP councillor.
Sacking a guy who had a record as an exemplary employee sent out all the wrong messages as far as I'm concerned and no unlike the rabid left I don't think being a member of the BNP or any right wing party is grounds for sacking or social ostracisation. Personally I reckon being of the rabid left is probably better grounds for ostracism, their track record in mass murder, discrimination and support for terrorist organisations is second to none.
Still it's nice to know that occasionally the ECHR works against the liberal left...

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Rootar said...

Casuals United blog is blocked by Wordpress.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic I know, but What on earth is that racist organisation the society of black lawyers on about?

No more "yid" at Spurs. It's not an insult FFS it's an affirmation that the club has Jewish connections and is proud of it.

In their 10 point plan the BLS assert a vague "A 20 per cent quota at all levels of the FA, PFA, clubs as well as football agents and referees". Do what? 20% racists required? Or 20% black players? Both fucking not acceptable.

Fortunately even the black players who believe the current Kick it Out campaign is flawed don't even support this.

Farenheit211 said...

Rootar, so is JaneyEnglish

Anonymous said...

Stonyground says:
Just like your religion, or lack of one, your political opinions are non of your employers business. If you do your job competently that is all that they should be concerned about.

I don't really have a problem with an organisation that is an association of black anything. The problem lies in the fact that if you were to set up an association of white lawyers, all hell would break loose. If people want to set up a club that is only for people that look like they do, I say go ahead, as long as we have a level playing field so that everyone can do it.

Farenheit211 said...

Anon, I agree, the law must apply equally. I like to think that we've moved on as a society to the stage where it should be equally unimportant that there exists both a while xyz society and a black xyz society.

I think we are adult enough to have a level playing field.