Saturday, November 10, 2012

Money grubbing

It always strikes me as odd that in a matter that's only vaguely linked to a person, they feel that they have the right to tell others what they should do with their money. It's a bit like betting on a winning horse and being asked by the winner to donate to its favourite charity...
The next Archbishop of Canterbury has suggested people who made money by correctly betting on his appointment should donate their winnings to parish churches.
The Rt Rev Justin Welby made the call on the social networking site, Twitter.
Ladbrokes, which suspended betting after a flurry of bets placed on Bishop Welby's name, has now said it will donate £1,000 to Canterbury Cathedral.
The bishop was named as the next head of the Church of England on Friday.
On Saturday morning, Bishop Welby tweeted: "Thought in the night, those who made money betting on me give it to their local church! I suspect it was less than papers suggest."
Now if I were to be a successful betting man (I'm not, I'm pretty much the antithesis) then I'd hardly be likely to be influenced by the wishes of the object of my bet, after all, what I do with my cash is my business (something I wish the government would take note of)
Still it's bloody cheeky of the new Archdruid to try and prick peoples consciences to hand over their ill gotten gains simply because he won the equivalent of a talent contest.
The world seems to be full of people who think they have the right to our cash, or a right to ask for it from charity chuggers to the robbery with menaces through the Inland Revenue. It's an unusual month for the QM household not to receive a batch of raffle tickets from some charity or other who have gotten our address from somewhere and expecting us to sell them for them (binned every time)
I'm really tired of people in the media and elsewhere telling me how I should be spending my money, I know which charities I support and I'm not happy about being spammed by those I don't, particularly ones with government ties, the government gets way too much of my hard earned cash as it is.
It might just be a jokey or frivolous throwaway comment by the Archdruid, but really he ought to keep comments like that to himself. What is bet upon gets no say in how the winnings are spent.

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Stonyground says:

I may be wrong, but I have a sneaky feeling that the people that he is aiming at were those that placed a bet after discovering what the result was. This is a rather naughty thing to do and I suspect that if the new ABofC were to spill the beans on this issue, some folk might be facing criminal proceedings. Of course, being the moral guides of the nation, the CofE would always report any crimnal activity straight away rather than riding the guilt of the perpetrators in order to make a quick buck.