Friday, October 5, 2012

The price of letting environmentalists dictate energy policy

Over the years I've watched with growing horror the influence of enviroloons over this countries energy policy. I've seen massive subsidies given over to inneficient means of energy generation that doesn't work when it's too windy, not windy enough or the sun doesn't shine. I've watched as efficient (and cheap) means of energy generation have been closed down early due to EU policies or simply ahead of schedule to keep moronic/greedy MP's happy. I've seen my energy bills skyrocket over the 'green levy' without a say as to whether I want to pay for the damned bird mincers or not.
Britain is likely to run out of energy generating capacity in the winter of 2015, Ofgem warned today.
The energy regulator said spare capacity could fall from current levels of 14 per cent to just four per cent in three years.
This will make the country ever more reliant on imported gas - which will likely lead to huge price increases while also risking Britain's self-sufficiency.
Ofgem said closures of coal-fired power stations before schedule and EU legislation was behind the reduced capacity and urged investment.
David Stokes, director at Energy Consultancy Timera Energy, said: 'What strikes me as alarming is the drop in spare capacity ... It sounds like they (Ofgem) are concerned about the potential for blackouts,'
The owners of four plants, with a combined generation capacity of around 6 GW have already said they will close their plants by March 2013 and Ofgem said in the report that most plants would shut 'well before the 2015 deadline'.
The government has launched a wide-reaching Electricity Market Reform Bill designed to give support to investors in new low-carbon electricity such as nuclear and renewable generation.
People are going to die because the government allowed enviroloons to set policies which neither made sense nor were economically viable. People are going to die because ministers have got their fingers in the 'renewable' energy pies and are making money hand over fist due to the ridiculous subsidies being foisted on these companies to produce electricity usually when it isn't wanted. These people are also the ones attempting to prevent the shale gas revolution which would set us up for internal energy supply needs possibly for the next 300 years. In 3 years time, on one of the coldest days of the year there will be no wind, at around 7am a lot of people will get up and put their kettles on and we'll have a surge cascade down the system and brownouts along with blackouts caused by transformer malfunctions will cripple this country. Our old and sick will die due to the cold and the inability of the power utility companies to repair the damage quickly enough.
It will all be down to the hubris of the greens and the greed of politicians who saw a way to use the greens to line their pockets.
People are going to die, mark my words...

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Curmudgeon said...

Yet this is likely to be scarcely mentioned in the 2015 election campaign.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully some are now taking notice:

If you read the comments btl, the MP complains of a nutter ringing his office and reducing a member of staff to tears. That fits so well with the ecofascists who want the new Dark Age.

Martin said...

Time to stock up on candles, calor gas bottles and chop a few trees up into logs

banned said...

I survived the three day week becuse my mate Pete lived next door to the waterworks and his electric was never cut off and my local served proper hand-pump beer so just needed to get a few candles out.

This time around, as aleady observed, I shall rely on my secret cache of Camping Gaz.

BernieInPipewell said...

Yes indeed, agree entirely