Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Power and corruption

There is stark evidence that power, particularly political power attracts the easily corruptible, not that all politicians are corrupt, it's just that the privileges and perks along with influence can lead to thieves, sexual predators as well as the utterly incompetent getting away with activities which in the normal world would have you banged up and inside in a short period of time (Islamics being a known exception)
So it came as no surprise to hear an allegation by Labour MP Tom Watson that an alleged member of a member of a notorious paedophile group was connected to a former No 10 aide.
There is "clear intelligence" suggesting a historic paedophile ring may be linked to Downing Street and a former prime minister, MPs have been told.
Labour MP Tom Watson alleged a member of a notorious group was connected to a former No 10 aide.
He said: "The evidence file used to convict Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring.
"One of its members boasts of his links to a senior aide of a former prime minister, who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad.
"The leads were not followed up, but if the files still exist, I want to ensure that the Metropolitan Police secure the evidence, re-examine it and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10."
Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions in the Commons, David Cameron said it was a "very difficult and complex case" and he was "not entirely sure" to which former prime minister Mr Watson was referring.
The Prime Minister said he would look at the case "very carefully and see what the Government can do to help give" Mr Watson the assurances he wanted.
There have been hints and allusions for a number of years of a high lever paedophile ring operating in and around the Westminster political bubble, though scant evidence as those in the know or involved were both skilled at hiding their tracks along with the political clout to stop investigations in there tracks which coupled with the old boys nudge, nudge, wink, wink to the general thievery and corruption meant that the real monsters could operate almost with impunity.
Yet the powerful seem to be attracted to sex with the underage, it happened in Soviet Russia, it happened fairly recently in Belgium, I don't know if it's endemic in other countries though I suspect it is.
For far too long those in power have used that power to protect themselves from being scrutinised in all of their activities, not just in government of course as the Saville case alludes too, but by the active collusion of those in power to cover up or not rock the boat of those behaving in a criminal manner.
Investigations will no doubt happen, a pervert may be thrown to the wolves, but unless there is transparency at high levels coupled with a totally independent investigation agency, we haven't seen the last of the corrupt pandering to their depravity in the corridors of power.

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ReefKnot said...

If it's Watson pushing this, you can bet the former Prime Minister referred to was not a Labour one.

Oldrightie said...

Snotty had some peripatetic nocturnal habits. Hushed up, naturally.