Monday, October 1, 2012

Living in arrogant denial...

Ed Balls has apparently decided in a 'not listening, not listening' way that he doesn't even have to acknowledge the failures of the last labour regime, particularly in regard to the economic mess they left the country in...
Ed Balls has refused to apologise for Labour's handling of the economy insisting that the Party was not responsible for the recession.
Speaking ahead of his speech to Labour's annual conference in Manchester, the shadow chancellor, a friend and ally of Gordon Brown in the last government, insisted he was 'proud' of the party's record, saying the only mistake was failing to regulate the banks firmly enough.
He rejected suggestions that Labour was partly responsible for the current economic climate, saying that the trigger had been the global financial crisis. The downturn had been exacerbated by the Coalition Government's austerity measures, he added.
In an interview on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme, Mr Balls turned down repeated requests to apologise for Labour's record on the economy.
That's right, he's actually proud of having taken a country that had an economic surplus to one with massive debts, a hugely increased public sector and government borrowing on a scale that is unbelievable compared to the 90's. No doubt he's also proud of Gordon Brown's raid on the private pensions fund as well as selling off all the UK's gold cheap.
Balls is in effect the perfect socialist, economically inept and arrogant enough to believe that he does not need to apologise for previous mistakes, hell he won't even acknowledge that mistakes were even made!
Tax and spend (on unneeded politically correct projects) is all Labour understood, they even started mass printing of banknotes to cover their debts in the same manner as Zimbabwe's successful economic recovery. They called it quantitative easing, but essentially it was debasing the currency, the only thing that didn't make it worse was the EU and the USA joined in as well.
The Labour party has ended up with future generations having to pay back the borrowing they undertook to prop up failure after failure, the damnedest thing of all though is that there are idiots out there who will still vote for them regardless...

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Farenheit211 said...

Quiet man, I think the Daily Telegraph nailed it today when they said that to trust Labour back in Government would be like having an arsonist who had burned down your house offering to re build it.

banned said...

I thought that they weren't allowed to say "Global" anymore since like "bigot" it is deemed a Gordon no-no?