Friday, September 14, 2012

Yes or yes, yes

For a while now I have been against any further referenda with regards to the EU, I simply don't trust the EU or politicians to either word the question simply enough or allow a balanced debate on the issue. What I want is a Prime Minister and a government with the balls to just simply say in a manifesto that if elected they'll take us out.
My suspicions on referenda were confirmed by this report...
GOVERNMENT lawyers are studying the mechanics of holding a European Union referendum after a push towards political union in Brussels. Officials and legal advisers are understood to be wording a question for the British people in what could be the first national poll on the country’s relationship with Europe since 1975.
But supporters of the Daily Express’s crusade for Britain to quit the EU are expected to be disappointed.
It is understood voters will be asked to endorse David Cameron’s desire to stay in the EU while keeping out of a closer political union being formed within the 17 nations in the eurozone.
A senior Government source said a vote would be on a “recommendation that Britain stays in the EU without joining a political union.”
In other words, not in or out, but closer union or stay as we are, which is not what those who wish for a referendum to be asking. Not that I'd expect an in or out referendum to be worded fairly, something along the lines of do you wish to stay in the wonderful EU and all the benefits it brings vs do you want the UK to languish isolated in the world as a pariah state if we leave the EU. Because that's the mentality of those who wish us to remain (and pay for) ever closer union within Europe. They don't want an in or out referendum on anything like fair terms, they don't dare, but they'll fudge and prevaricate to allow a referendum on minutiae most of which would be overruled by the EU anyway, it's how they work after all. They operate very much on a don't like the answer well keep asking until you do.
You can pretty much rely on the fact that when it comes to questions on the EU that they won't be answered truthfully, will be brushed aside and in the case of referendums not allowed or constantly re-asked until the voters give them the answers they want.
We simply need a government to take us out, we don't need to be asked and we shouldn't vote for any party who won't take us out!

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Steve T said...

If we ever get a real referendum on this there will be 3 questions in order to try and split the no vote.

Two as you have already stated and another saying stay in but take back all the powers we want to take, but with out any thing saying that this option is actually impossible.