Saturday, September 29, 2012

The silence of the Imam's

A lot has been written over the past year (including this blog) on the sexual exploitation of underage girls by Muslim males of Pakistani/Bangladeshi origin. Whilst politicians and so called community leaders have tried to maintain the fiction that there isn't a racial/religious element to the abuse (yes we're looking at you Keith Vazeline) Yet the evidence kept coming including that of a massive cover up and wilful neglect from those in authority due to considerations of 'community cohesion' and fear of accusations of racism.
Always from the community and religion involved there has been silence, other than to claim it's all some kind of racist islamophobia yet all the time the accusations and arrests continued.
Labour peer Lord Ahmed has called on mosque leaders in South Yorkshire to speak about the issues surrounding sex exploitation.
His comments follow a Times newspaper report of widespread abuse of girls by Asian men in the county.
It prompted MPs to order South Yorkshire Police's chief constable to answer the claims in Parliament.
Lord Ahmed said: "It's important that the community, rather than going silent... talk about it."
An investigation by The Times said a confidential 2010 report by the Police Intelligence Bureau detailed "a significant problem with networks of Asian males exploiting young white females, particularly in Rotherham and Sheffield".
Talk about it? How about the 'communities' involved stamping it out and handing over the perpetrators to the authorities instead? Or is that a rather simplistic way of looking at things?
Mr Ahmed said he did not know the reason why Asian men were exploiting young girls.
Apart from the fact that they aren't Muslim or Pakistani/Bangladeshi one must suspect.
The islamic religion in this country does not get a great press, its adherents attempts to blow up tube trains, buses, cafe's, grooming of underage girls for sexual purposes, spitting at our troops and burning poppies on Remembrance day have pretty much assured its deep seated unpopularity amongst the ordinary people of this country. Only the politicians, political classes and the utter loons of the political left seem to be somehow in favour of the rest of us putting up and shutting up.
They as much as the Muslim community are to blame for this utter disgrace to civilised values yet sadly as ever I suspect they'll shift the blame elsewhere (as the police did by arresting the girls, parents and guardians rather than the perpetrators) and bury their heads in the sand hoping it will go away.
Personally I'd settle for nothing less than stringing them up and letting them rot in hell for this outrage to our young women.

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Anonymous said...

They are all Labour voters up there. They wanted it - they voted for it - they got it.

Martin said...

We are an occupied country

Anonymous said...

Apparently 'Lord' Ahmed is now claiming that the abusers might be as they are because their parents work 18 or 19 hours a day and nobody was around to 'guide' them. FFS! Yet again excuses, excuses, excuses - no acceptance of the fact that the warped ideology they follow might have something to do with it???? What about personal responsibilty? How many millions in the country have poor backgrounds and absent parents but DON'T go around abusing children?

JuliaM said...

Such an awesome title, I'm even prepared to forgive the grocer's apostrophe! ;)

Farenheit211 said...

I hope you don't mind but I've linked to this post from my place.

banned said...

One report tells of a Rochdale man outside a house shouting at the Pakistani men inside and would they please stop shagging his underage daughter.
The Police arived and arrested him for 'race hate'.

Farenheit211 said...

banned, the plod also arrested the daughter for assault if I recall the story correctly.

This is one bearded savage story that the authorities cannot suppress, the anger about this and other similar stories is growing day by day because I see it in my own blog stats when I write about Islamic noncing issues.

English Pensioner said...

I just wish the media wouldn't refer to these abusers as "Asian", when in fact they are Muslims of Pakistani descent. I have a number of Asian friends (from Ceylon, Burma, Southern India, Hong Kong) who are getting more resentful every day with this use of the word "Asian". We are happy to refer to Chinese, Japanese, Burmese, etc, but why must we describe Pakistanis as "Asian" when Pakistan represents a very small part of the continent?

Farenheit211 said...

I'm not even Asian and I'm getting seriously annoyed at the conflation of the Asians such as Hindus and Sikhs or others such as the Chinese who have in general contributed greatly to this country, with Islamic nonces who in general ponce rather than contribute.

(Many of the Hindus and Sikhs who came over here came over with bugger all and worked their balls off to create and grow businesses and that I greatly respect)

Anonymous said...

Back around 1990 I worked in Pakistan for approx 6 months. On the weekends we used to stay at a hotel in Islamabad so we could go to the embassy clubs.

On checking in at the the hotel, when the porter had carried my bag upto the room, I was surreptitiously but frequently asked something to the effect of ...

"you want girl, little girl, maybe little boy"?

I knew then that the abuse of underage girls (and boys) was endemic in pakistani society. If I knew it then so did the politicians. And yet they still allowed these savages into our land and deliberately covered up their revolting practices!